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Wrinkly SKin Virus

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 26, 2007
  • 04:03 AM

There is a viral infection (possibly a new human virus) that is going around and, amongst other symptoms, causes wrinkly skin and neurological changes.

Here is an account of how this persistent virus infection, that started simply as a bad sore throat, gradually infected my whole body.

I caught this virus a several years ago. Being in excellent health, I thought nothing of it. Some weeks later, however, my throat did not clear up, and the infection was slowly spreading down my wind pipe.

A month later, it had spread further. My nose and sinuses were starting to get infected, producing heavy, thick mucus. My lungs became infected, with a mild cough, and my stomach became infected, and started aching a little, making bubbling sounds.

My gums got attacked: my gum line rapidly receded, exposing previously covered areas of my teeth.

Another month later, “pins and needles” sensations appeared all over body, especially in my legs.

Then some strange mental symptoms began. These psychological symptoms started with an onset of shy, social aversion, where I was tense and uncomfortable with friends, family, and in public. I became mentally frail, and so avoided social contact more and more because of this.

Next, a profound apathy and mental laziness developed. The apathy was towards all sorts of activities. I lost all interest in the usual pleasures of life (anhedonia); nothing seemed worth doing. Very little seemed pleasurable, and I ended up just not bothering. Previously, I was a very motivated person, always enthusiastic. There was also a huge physical tiredness that appeared at this time.

I had no idea that a virus could cause such powerful personality changes.

About 18 months after first catching this virus, a wrinkling of the skin all over my body became apparent, and this worsens each year. This wrinkling of the skin looks like a medical condition called Wrinkly Skin Syndrome. The wrinkling is prominent on the tops of the hands, but effects the whole body. Within a couple of years, the skin is prematurely aged.

Also at 18 months, muscular flaccidity with joint looseness (especially in legs and hips) begin to manifest. It seems that the virus is attacking connective tissue, or else is creating neuromuscular problems. This causes in walking gait changes, and a shuffling gait develops, like the walk of an elderly person.

A fearful feature of this virus is its persistence. It is not cleared from the body, but remains active, and its symptoms appear to be progressive. The mental state changes are permanent, and the skin wrinkling and muscular flaccidity get worse over time.

This infection is probably a virus (rather than a bacterial disease), since three separate bacterial cultures showed negative results.


• Transmitted person-to-person, via saliva/nasal secretions.
• Incubation period can be as fast as 8 hours.
• The virus spreads to all members of a household within a period of six to twelve months.
• Prodrome: the infection starts either: with a sore pharynx & soft palette and cough (there is very little sputum) which takes hold for many months and never fully goes away; or as a gastric upset, with vomiting and diarrhoea, lasting for around two or three days, without much fever, and with NO signs of rash.
• The virus can cause a persistent runny nose, with thick, congested mucus. The virus can also produce a chronic sore throat (with very little sputum).
• About one or two months afer the intial infection, powerful and permanent mental state changes arise (depression, deep fatigue, profound apathy, anhedonia, social withdrawl, and mild dementia). These mental state changes are the most disturbing characteristic of the wrinkly skin virus.
• Since this virus can cause a persistent sore throat and nasal secretions, an infected person can pass on this virus to other people at any time.
• About eighteen months after the initial infection, the signs of skin wrinkling are first noticed (the wrinkles start first on the top of the hands, but the whole body is effected. In addition, joint looseness and muscular flaccidity appear around about this time. The joint and muscular looseness cover to the whole body, but are most noticeable in the legs and hips. After the wrinkling starts, within a couple of years, a significant amount of wrinkles accumulate, causing ageing of the skin. This skin wrinkling is more prominent in older people, perhaps because their immune systems are weaker. But younger people succumb to these rapid-onset wrinkles too.

What is this mystery virus? Possibly it might be a Coxsackie virus or Echovirus? However, the wrinkly skin symptom is not mentioned in any medical literature of wrinkly skin associated with infections from these viruses.

It has infected many friends and acquaintances, and spreads quite quickly.

If anyone can help precisely identify this ‘Wrinkly Skin Virus’, please let me know. All leads, hints, suggestions or speculations are welcome.

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  • I have set up a web site to gather information on this Wrinkly Skin Virus: http://wrinklyskinvirus.wordpress.comI think that this is going to gradually going to become an epidemic disease.
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  • • • • • • • Wrinkly Skin Virus • • • • • • Information about a possibly new virus dubbed "Wrinkly Skin Virus" is now located at web site:CHRONIC SORE THROAT / MOOD / WRINKLY SKIN VIRUShttp://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.comPlease read this site if you have experienced any unusually fast skin aging and wrinkles, especially fine wrinkling with mild blotchiness.
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  • • • • • • • Wrinkly Skin Virus • • • • • • Electro-sensitivity is a very interesting area.I often think that these sensitivities, and chemical sensitivities also, are exaggerated by chronic infections that the body has to deal with. Someone I know who also caught the chronic sore throat virus now cannot stay in air-conditioned environments without becoming very drowsy. Previously, this person had extremely robust health, with not the slightest hint of allergy or any sensitivity. After catching the virus, he developed these problems.I am sure this chronic sore throat virus is spreading fast around the world. Although it is less contagious than a cold or flu, because it causes chronic lingering sore throat and/or chronic nasal or sinus mucus, which are ongoing persistent viral infections in these areas. Therefore this virus can shed viral particles PERMANENTLY via the saliva and nasal secretions from those people who have the throat or nasal symptoms. By contrast, an ordinary cold or flu is only contagious for a few days, and after that the body gets it under control and eliminates the virus. This is why this chronic sore throat virus will not go away in the human population. I think there will be a slow, invisible pandemic. Everyone in my home slowly succumbed to it. And then it spread to their workplaces, etc.Some people really suffer from this chronic sore throat virus, and suddenly experience EXTREME uncontrolled anxiety so bad that they are unable to leave their home, and cannot even thinking of performing in their jobs, and become almost mental cripples. Fortunately, this extreme type of anxiety is a fairly rare symptom (but when I say rare, it happens to 2 people out of the now 25 that have come down with this virus). As far as health of the general population is concerned, the main problem with this chronic sore throat virus is that it compromises the immune system, like as if it were a weak version of the HIV immuno-deficiency virus. Human herpes 6 is well know to create significant immune problems in certain people (and I have wondered whether this virus may be a new strain of herpes 6). Everyone I have seen who gets this chronic sore throat virus soon has problems with recurring bacterial and fungal infections of all sorts. Myself, I want to get the blood levels of my Cytotoxic T Cells and Natural Killer Cells tested, and my immune system tested generally, so that I can further figure out what is going on. If this is an emerging virus, then we need to get a grip on it. Sadly, organizations such as the CDC are not pro-active in responding to such new threats to human civilization. This, I have read, is due more to the management rather than the scientist there. This is very bad, because in a globalized world, we facing a great increase in new infectious diseases arising, and we really need a pro-active CDC organization to examine any newly emerging viruses that are contagious from person-to-person.For further information on the chronic sore throat virus located at web site:CHRONIC SORE THROAT / MOOD / WRINKLY SKIN VIRUS
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  • Receding Gums In answer to your question about receding gum line and plaque on the teeth, about a third of my teeth are receding (there is no particular pattern to which teeth). The plaque being deposited in a brown color, and only scrubs off with a tooth whitening paste called THERAMED PERFECT INTENSIVE WHITENING. Even then it is hard work. On my Chronic Sore Throat Virus site I have placed some research I found about the types of viruses involved in gum disease and receding gums. THE VIRUSES IMPLICATED IN PERIODONTITIS ARE EPSTEIN BARR AND CYTOMEGALOVIRUS. I think I have periodontitis. In periodontitis, the gums are inflamed and receding. Gingivitis is a milder condition, where the gums are inflamed, but NOT receding. Gingivitis is associated with different viruses: herpes simplex and varicella-zoster virus.So there, then, is some evidence that the virus may be a virulent type of Epstein-Barr virus.
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  • I cannot deny that these electromagnetic radio transmissions do have a bad effect on health. For example, Hallberg, O. has demonstrated that ordinary F.M. radio waves are probably responsible for the skin cancer epidemic that began in the 1950s and 60s. But I have not coma across many studies that show that radio transmissions can inhibit the immune system, or make a virus more powerful. I have read one study that showed that microwave transmission can boost the reproductive speed of a certain nematode human parasite. But nothing in terms of viruses. If you find anything, please post it. Actually, if EM waves were the problem, then it would be relatively easy to fix it, since all you need to do is stay inside a room lined with metal (such as cooking foil), which eliminates all radio waves.I am trying lots of protocols that have been devised to help combat chronic fatigue syndrome.
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  • Ah, in fact it was you that supplied the microwaves and nematodes reference. I knew I read it somewhere recently. This shows my typical lack of memory, which is due to CFS.
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