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Wolf Parkinson White that won't go away

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  • Posted By: ebogue
  • January 12, 2007
  • 09:57 PM

I have 2 questions that I hope someone can put in some sort of perspective for me. I am 32 year old woman with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. I have had 2 Electrophysiology Studys 5 years ago and just had it done again in December and will be trying again next month. Obviously it did not work. I was told that my heart had the ability to beat 300+ a min putting me in the sudden death range. This last time I was told he was able to damaged the spot enough to remove that factor but he is still determined to get me to proceed with the next study. Would that be pointless or not? To be able to reach the spot to be succesful is located in the other chamber and my heart already had an opening due to the "flap" being open already, But it is in such a position that they would need a special cath tip that would put of more heat, or they could "freeze" it. We do not have access to those items here, and if it has not worked after the first three times why would it work now?
2nd Question.... This last time I had it done I was told the next morning that it did not work and now they found a murmur??? I want to know why that has shown up and how is it that I have been to my regular doctor multiple times in the past 6 months and he could not hear it but, 5 days after I have it done this time he looked at me very strange and instantly said you have a murmur! He never heard it before but hears it instantly now??? Is it possible to cause a murmur? All of the previous studys were over 6 hours long due to them trying so hard to get to it and was even "shocked" the first time because it would keep reverting to the bad rythym. I guess what I want to know is should I stop while I am ahead?? I don't know if the murmur was or even could be caused this last time but I can't help but wonder... I also feel like they could possibly be fibbing to me about the sudden death being unable to happen now since my husband works in the cath lad with the doctor every day and they know I get very scared of that when I am in the middle of the 240 beats a min tacks..... If anyone has ANY light they can shed on this for me please do!!!

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  • I am familiar with WPW my son has had it. what they do is an ablation. they go through your growing area cath to your heart and map it out and put you into tachacardia and then they zap with lazer the spot or spots. it is like thorns on a rose and your heart begins to beat faster and sometimes it can be caught on an EKG but alot of times like my son it has not. you may still have what they call an arythmia problem. Did they do the ablation? and was it successfull? if not they would need to do it again the same way. at your age they dont grow back as they do in children and the old way to treat was open heart. What does you recent Ekg state? sometimes one doctor can detect a murmor and sometimes others cant. will you see the doctor again? does he want to do an ablation?
    lorena 10 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 01:45 AM
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