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Why do I feel so paranoid constantly?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 26, 2007
  • 06:54 PM

For ages now i have been having these weird paranoid delusions - I have convinced myself that there are people watching me constantly - my house is bugged, there are hidden cameras throughout the house - I am being monitored 24/7 by unknown persecutors. I am so crazy that I have even tried holding conversations with the invisible persecutors, reasoning with them, arguing that they could never possibly reveal their findings, as they would reveal themselves in the process. These conversations have lasted for hours at a stretch.

I am also constantly worried about people talking about me behind my back, and am hypersensitive towards any sort of slight or insult. I hold grudges for years, and cannot trust anyone.

This is the first time that I have found the courage to reveal this to anyone, as I have been too afraid that someone is monitoring my computer and collecting it all as evidence against me. Someone please help me - I can't trust anyone enough to tell them - I'm desperate

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  • My best advice NAET.comYou should try taking supplements- like vitamin, minerals and something to reduce the added stress on the immunse system. Read the book "Never Be Sick Again".You probably have a lot of toxins that need to be pushed out gently. This is very normal for everyone due to our hectic lifestyles and poor dietary choices.I think that you are over sensitive about something- perhaps you have a parasitic or yeast overgrow- please don't get paranoid about it- this is very normal. I am not a doctor- but really infections and parasites can really stress people out. Have your liver checked too.You should read about Oil of Oregano, Dandelion Root tea, and Milk Thistle, also Kava Kava.My friends and I who have been sick for a while have a regular cycle in which we become very tired, or we cry, or laught for no reason. I personally had very stressful thoughts, it was almost like I was scaring myself. That has to do a lot with the organs and how they run their functions or stagnate.Look also into a Doctor of Oriental Medicine besides your NAET doctor.Best-Fruity.
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  • Hi Unregistered, Paranoid thoughts can certainly result as a result of nutritional deficiencies, any of several b-vitamins. All sorts of other things, like toxins, tumours, strokes, and other things could cause changes. A good b-complex and some methylb12 - the form of coenzyme b12 specifically for the nervous system might help and can't hurt.What other symtoms do you have? Don't start believing the thoughts. Are there other things; depression? anxiety? headaches? unusual sensations, feelings of pressure? nausea, flashes of light? You should consider seeing a doc and getting some tests. You never can tell.
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  • Fruity... I have just read your response and you clearly have no idea. A few vitamin supplements are clearly going to solve the problem. I clearly don't know the answer but wish I could give some advice. People obviously go through certain things in their life which affects their thought patterns. This is the thing that needs to be changed. Paranoia... acknowledgement of *******g would be the main cause
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    • October 2, 2007
    • 01:03 PM
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  • Howdie, i have been havin the same problem , sincei was little but paranoid about my girlfriend dying day after day, i have had a very stressfull life, and very low lack of nutrience.i have migraines pretty much ever day . I can not focus . anyone know what might be wrong .
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    • August 28, 2008
    • 07:57 AM
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  • i feel extremely paranoid as well. i keep thinking people can see me and i even broke my webcam. I think my girlfriend is getting high by every drug there is nd that she is getting spoon fed Date rape tablets. but i know she isnt. the thing that keeps me happy is i find self acceptance within myself. Peace comes from within. Instead of reasoning with the prosecuters, invite them. Tell them you dont care that they may or may not watch you, and stick by that. They will only make your life a ***l if you let them. above all however remember this: You have the power and the will to stop whatever happens that you dont like about your life. Absolutely no one will ever have the power to take away your free will. No dictator No law No covert police force. And if you find yourself with nowhere to turn, know that you are safe in your head. And you are never alone in the world
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  • Paranoid schizophrenia... U have all the symptoms look it up.
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