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*** What should I do????HELP!!!!!!****

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  • Posted By: inpain24/7
  • May 19, 2008
  • 05:20 PM

Well I do not know what I should do.
I had a head injury back in Feb. I was in the hospital for 8 days in March.
This was a work related injury.
I was hit in the face by a falling box while my head was tilted back as I was handing other boxes to a employee on a ladder.
They are fighting any treatment and time loss etc.
At my first Dr. at Nextcare, I was sent back to work with 20 pound limit and to get x-rays. At follow up appointment 1 week later stated there was swelling and limit to 5 lbs, with no over head reaching, or pulling, pushing and breaks ever 120 minutes. 2 weeks after being hit in face I was in the hospital as I could not walk. I was driving to work and got a wierd headache not like the ones I have 24/7. I had a shooting pian down my spine and top of my thighs. I called the Dr. and they said go to ER before I got there I was so weak I could not walk.
When I was released from the hospital 8 days later I was told in writting to follow up with in 1 week with my primary care Dr. (do not have one because WC Insurance adjuster canceled him). A Neurologist (had a IME from Insurance Neurologist a week ago) I made an appointmet to see my own but WC Insurance cancelled that as well.
Was told to see a Spine DR. Could only see the insurance Spine DR. He states not work related, The WC case manager and this Spine Dr. broke the Patient Dr. privacy act by going in the exam room with me and standing behind me, She was there when I arrived and had already spoke with the DR. His report was even false in several areas including I walk with a limp. I was in a wheelchair and could not walk at the time. I got an attorney who never returns my calls or emails. I do not get any time loss so no income since March.
I was told by Nextcare, the Hospital, and the spine Dr. that I need a Neurologist but still have not seen one. Was also told to go to Physical Therapy, and pain management clinic, all which WC insurance will not allow.
I have had 6 MRI's. I read in MRI reports I have disk bulges at C4-5 and C5-6. There was a moderate Central Canal Stenosis at the level of C5-6 due to 5mm diffuse disk bulge, which efaces the cerebrospinal fluid signal, both anterior and posterior to the cord. (what ever that means) On the Spine Dr. report his review of the MRI's stated that I have disk space narrowing primarily at C5-6, less at C4-5. There is an abutment up against the spinal cord without signal changes. (what ever this means) Then adds need a Neurologist due to very diffuse nonspecific complaints to include extrimity.
I had my Independent Medical Exam last week. That I have Post dramtic stress Disorder. that was in April. Per my Attorney in a letter to me "per the Spine Dr. report Unfortunately he did not find anything from an orthopedoc perspective and reccommened the IME. I do not think the evaluation will be truly independent but will wait and see. I will contact you once I receive his report then we can decide what further action to take with regard to medical treatment."
In the mean time I have constant headaches and migraines, my eyes are sensitive to light off and on now. I feel nauseous and light headed most of the time, My right hand and right big toe goes numb. My entire left leg goes numb and I have a stabbing burning pain in both thighs off and on and 2 fingers on the left hand as well as 3 toes on the left foot also. I have some bladder leakage now. My vision is getting worse. I have the shakes and it gets worse as the day goes on. Peolpe that are around me ask how food makes it in my mouth I shake so much at times. I use ice packs on my neck and head. Most of my pain seems to be in the base of my skull and moves over my head to my face. I was in a wheel chair for 3 weeks and then used a walker to walk. I still cannot walk more then about 100 yards. then I get so lightheaded, dizzy, and weak my legs want to give out and I feel like I am going to vomit and pass out. I have no pain meds so live on Advil. And I keep a medical daily log and I am getting worse. Can they deny me medical care??? should I call the media for help???
Please help me. I do not know what to do???????????:

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  • If your attorney is not responding to you nor helping you get the medical care you need, find another attorney. Don't waste any more time on this guy. You need a good attorney who specializes in Workers' Compensation who will fight for you.
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  • I would love to fire this guy but not sure how and need to find someone who is good as this guy said he has been a WC attorney for 12 years. Well he sure does not care about his clients that is for sure.Maybe I need to just start going down the list in the phone book.My medical depostion has been postponed again from today to May 30th. I received an email from the attorneys office. I responed why this time? and I thought the medical deposition was partly to decide if I can get further treatment and time loss. I told him in email that it has been too long already I need help now! I also asked do I need to go to the local news to get help? and still no response. I think after I take some more advil and lay down in my recliner I will make some calls. I will check back here first if anyone has any ideas.Thank you and GOD BLESS!
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  • I know the medical process is long and hard, but are you receiving any sort of payment for your disability? Or is that at a standstill also?
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  • I just read your very first post on this matter. You quit your job days after this injury happened. I'm not sure why you did that, but it could have some bearing on why this case is proceeding with difficulty.
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  • I quit the job where I was injuried due to the fact they were teasing me and treating me bad because I filed a workers claim. They wanted me to just use there credit card for a one time visit and were upset when they heard I filed a claim. I did not just up and quit, I got a new job and told them, They seemed glad I was quitting, I think they were assumming it would be all done then. I am not getting any time loss. That is what frustrats me. If they are not going to pay me then why is it I cannot at least get any treatment.I called my attorneys office asking why my medical deposition was reset. and they do not know why? I told them I was contacting the Dept of Inusrance in AZ to put in a complaint against the Insurance company and They said ok let us know what happens. Well in AZ you have to contact the Industrial Commission and I was transfered to the complaint department gave her my claim number and since I have an attorney only he can submit a complaint. They are not allowed to talk to me.So I am going to go ahead and contact the lmedia.
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  • Everyone is an ******e. Find another lawyer and then fire the one you have. Threaten to report him to the State Bar if he gives you any grief or a bill. Report the doctor/insuance agent to the medical board in Az for a violation of your hipaa rights; apparently, they don't know about them. Be persistant with filing a claim against the insurance. Tell the insurance board you fired your lawyer and are handling your own case now. File two things, the hipaa violation and the lack of service. I don't quite understand how one insurance was canceled or whatever happened, but sounds like you have a couple of insurances that backed away, leaving you without any insurance at all. They don't keep people in the hospital for 8 days for no reason; do you have a copy of your medical records for that hospitalizaion? Get them from your lawyer, along with all of your paperwork because he's fired. You know, they carry insurance for accidents and are not suppose to punish the worker. I think you not only can sue them for their retaliation, but the insurance company and also the doctor and agent in the examining room personally. I think you may have several different lawsuits and right now you have a ***k dragging his feet. You should not have quit, however; that was a mistake and did cost you (especially unemployment). You need to file for disability right now and food stamps,along with section 8 housing. Additionally, file this right now while you're at it:http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacyhowtofile.htm
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  • Thank you for the advise.I have already started the search for a new attorney.I am from WA and lived here for almost a year now. I am finding out things are different here. Everyone I talk to in WA said I would of seen doctors etc by now and at least got time loss. I am not as worried about the time loss as I am about getting treatment that is more importmant to me right now. Even though I deserve the time loss it is not my main concern. I have to start with getting a new attorney. I emailed my current attoeney and said I would go to the news with my story if he does not respond to filing a complaint against the WC insurance, so must think I am not serious. I plan to file a complaint against him with the board etc. and hoping I get a good attorney to represent me for the Hippa etc. I told my attorney about what happened at the Doctors office and he does not seem to care. I will not take this sitting back. I have a copy of all my medical records for the past 10 years to prove I have never had any kind of head injury etc. and I requested and received them myself along with my Hospital records and my most recent ER visit. I have a copy of my MRI's and xrays as well all on CD and some MRI on film that are mine to keep. My attorney only received the insurance file I think, I brought in all my records and he was not interested in them or seeing my medical log. Stated he would sent me to his spine doctor and see what he says. well the Wc case manager went to him and gave that doctor a copy of the file they had before i got there, when he was to review my MRI's and xrays and exam me and give his opinion. I only had the workers insurance and they are fighting everything saying a bump on my nose is nothing, like I walked into something. They said me being in the hospital has nothing to do with my injury since it was 2 weeks later not instantly, I have told them all that I was hit in the face by a box that was being handed up on a ladder to a co-worker, my head was tilted back. I am no doctor or rocket scientist but makes since that with bulging disks and an abutment that it may be the cause of problems with my legs etc. I will be doing more research on attorneys in the morning and I can call the news station between 11 and 1 so will be doing that as well. I figure it cannot hurt at this point.I thought about food stamps and medical but have been putting it off waiting to see what happens and is all that has done for me is things a bigger struggle but we are managing. I have the most supportive boyfriend and family. My family is out of state but still there daily for me via phone and email. I may have made a mistake by quitting but I would not of been able to do the job any longer anyway. I felt a desk job was better in the long run. I even have text messages from the co-worker that attempted to contact me 1 week before my depositon before it was reset. why would he contact me out of the blue almost 3 months later and right before my deposition. I have sent a copy of them to my attorney as well with no response. Oh well moving on with a search for a new attorney. I will be asking questions etc this time before I sign on for one.Thank you again for all the advise. It helps knowing so many other people are going through things the same and even worse then myself.Have a marvelous rest of your evening!!! I will stop back in the morning!
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  • I may have made a mistake by quitting but I would not of been able to do the job any longer anyway.Just for future reference, never quit a job after a Workers' Comp accident. Whether you feel you can do the job or not, it's up to your WC doctor to decide if you are disabled. :)I agree with Monsterlove's advice. You may have a fight on your hands, but don't give up. They make it difficult so that you will give up. Good luck.
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  • Well I still have not heard from my attorney that will be fired this week. I did not think I would.I could not even get out of bed today until the morning advil kicked in. Was up most of the night with hands and feet going numb and woke up once because I could not breath. That part is getting scarey as I have never had that problem until about mid April. I am thinking I may have to go back to ER again this week. I hate putting my boyfriend (fiance) through that. last time he ended up with 1 1/2 hours of sleep then had to go to work I cannot drive myself so have to wait for him to get home to go.I am waiting for a return call on an attorney I contracted and going from there.I did send an email to the news station so hopefully something can be done to bring this issue to the public.I understand that the insurance company has a job to do but they can not deny care to a person who needs it and should be working to get people back to work faster not prolonged for what I am seeing on here for years with some of you that ends up costing more in the long run I cannot see why they do not get that.It is funny with everything I am going through my close friends always call me to be cheered up when they are down. They said I had to call you because with all you are going through you still smile and are there with your positive remarks to make us feel better. I laugh when they call and say they have a headache, saying yea I know what you mean. LOL! I also tell them to be thankful they have a roof over there head and a job. Look how many people would love to be in your place etc. then they know they should not be having a pitty party for themselfs. That does make me feel good that I can be frustrated but still have a great outlook on life in general and friends still feel that I can be there to cheer them up no matter what.I am having a rough day so check in later. Need to go hide my eyes from the light for awhile.Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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