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What is wrong with me now I know was misdiagnosised with depression

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  • Posted By: swollenfootandpain2
  • October 6, 2006
  • 07:45 PM

I just want to share my story with anyone who cannot get an answer for their sickness end encourage them if they do feel the need go to different doctor and pursue further test. I been posting this message earlier I will copy it here. I felt my symptomes are not from depression. Had a friend who did had depression and I know the in and out of symptomes. Falling sick with which I know now, is a duodenal ulcer and secondly a possible blood cloth made me feel the need to tell people dont be afraid to ask for tests and go to different city if needed. Also want to take this opportunity to thank user metsfan who advised me to seek second opinion and although it is not 100 percent sure I got the answers I needed this morning. I have a duodenal ulcer and beside the inflamation in my head which alone can cause many problems I am not out of danger yet for a blood cloth either, which the doctor will further examine today. My earlier post was this as follows

Since my post earlier I have stomach pain and growling followed by vomitting with blood. Could this be an ulcer or something? My earlier post was this

Someone please help. Just came from hospital where I was in ICU for 5 days. My symptomes were only one leg swollen like a balloon and sharp chest pain which intense with breathing or sudden movement. During in hospital stay had been thrown up blood. Bloodpressure was 165/99 which went down to normal later. My pulse was 128. which is still up

They did every possible tests to rule out pulmonary emblolism and was in icu where they found that nothing wrong with me my heart is very good. Had cat scan of head and chest x ray of chest and foot ultasound of the hearth and ultasound of swollen leg. Nothing is wrong and because I was crying (from Pain) they told me I have depression and gave me antideppressant pill. The cat scan of head showed an inflamation in the head which is not serious and infection in urine

I am home and womitting steady have the sharp pain in middle of chest which radiates to sholder and neck have pain in head not a headacke just a tiny pice behind my ear that hurts have neck pain and my leg is swollen up like a ballon. am I just imagine all of this or what. I am not depressed never cry unless my pain is unbearable I am not afraid of that I have any disease have no sweating or fear or nothing that would show depression. The only symptomes I have is blood womit only once chest pain very sharp radiating to shoulder and neck pain in the back of my head and swollen leg.
After this letter I wil lhave to go for some help maybe different hospital as you advised as I have a hard time even writing this. All night I had been throwing up black blood and have very bad chest pain or stomach pain I dont even know now. .
I dont think I can stand this pain anymore.
Just to show how unlucky I am with doctors I had siatic pain years ago in my buttock went down in the back of my leg. In emergency 20 times at least I went there complaining. They said is all in my head. I had a chest x ray normal.They told me story like A patient has a heart attack B patient has no heart attack A patient has a heart disease B patient have a mental disorder so I am the B patient. After unbearable pain I went to see a back specialist who sent me for an mri which showed spinal canal stinosis and in 3 days I was called in for emergency surgery because if the narrowing in the canal continued I could be paralized or died. I had a laminectomy they took out disk 4. Ever since surgery had no comlains of pain or back pain at all. This was 6 years ago. I never been sick of have pain or anything since 6 years. I never even had a flu. Then also they treated me with depression even though I dont have it. When I have no pain I am happy person want to live and have lot of to do have no feeling of downs or mood swings. I am always smiling no burdened problems. I am not afraid of any sickness not even the one I have now just want to know what is wrong with me but I am not talking myself into any sickness I dont have. Even though I have this pain in chest radiates to shoulder and neck I dont think I am having a heart attack. I rather think it is caused by the infection in my head or the big amount of acid my stomack produce. . When I was in icu they thought I had a blood cloth because my leg the one that is swollen is ice cold so is my hand on that side only. They gave me blood thinner in my belly and strangely after that the swelling in my leg went down. Now 3 days later my right leg swelled up again have this stomach growling and discomfort and vomitting black blood. And when I go for help they say it coused by depression. I can imagine symptomes like feeling down , dont feel like doing nothing, tiredness, breathlessness fear of dying , sweating or suicides thoughts from depression even some chest pain , but leg swelling a pulse of 128 blood vomitting from depression ?

Please if a doctor read this could they advise me what could be wrong. I refuse to go to emergency they treating me like a mental case and i only have these since couple of days
So anyone who cant get diagnosis just go to different doctor where they dont look on the paper and without examination they say you have depression.

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  • You Definitely Need A Second Opinion. It Makes Me Sick To My Stomache When Doctors Treat People Like That!! The Things You Are Describing Has Nothing To Do With Mental Health! You Need To See A Different Doctor And Make Them Take You Seriously. I Cannot Believe They Actually Told You It Was In Your Head!! Hope You Get The Answers You Need. I'll Be Praying For You!
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