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what is goin on???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 21, 2007
  • 06:29 PM

Maybe they all don't tie togehter but whats is goin on with me????

- when i was born i had a narrow vein in my heart and was given a moniter until it closed up which it has.At the same time i had sleep apnea??? could be wrong but if i were to fall into a deep sleep my moniter would go off and i would recieve cpr

- not sure what age but around 7 i had problems walking and my legs would get xtremely tired and drs wanted to operate on them not sure why but in order for that they had to break them and my mother at the time was not up for it.

-around age 12 i was diagnosed with oz good sloughter(sp) in both my knees drs said i would grow out of it i suppose i did but i havnt grown since i was about 13 and that was maybe a total of 2 inches and i am 16 now and drs tell me in done growing.

- a few minor complications here and there with my chest and kidneys i get this pain wen i breath and it feels like someone is stabbing me above my ribs. As for my kidneys drs say i need to keep them hydrated but i drink plenty of water??

-Now i have digestive issues when i eat i get really bad stomach cramps and i get nausated and sometimes there is blood on the toilet paper or it will drip and once or twice it was in my stool it is diahhrea and it is regular.during this time i get really hot and i turn blotchy on my legs, neck, tummy,and chest. I also had this checked out by drs and am still goin through testing i have been through alot and they come up with bacteria but still continue to do test are they not telling me something??or do they not know either.

- i used to get really sick at night and shake and throw up but it was more like dry heaving but it does not stop i havnt had this in awhile and i havve not bothered to tell my dr should i?? also my older sister is now having some of the digestive problems just like me but hers is how i was like in the beginning??? we go to seperate drs and hers is looking at her gallbladder???I am reallly lost but could this all tie in together or am i just that unlucky??

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