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What do I do to report a nurse that treated me badly?

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  • Posted By: sd66akakelly
  • September 23, 2010
  • 03:32 PM

So this is sort of off topic but I am having trouble finding the right people to talk to about the treatment i recieved upon my last visit to my primary care doc. This specific encounter is not the first uncomfortable situation that has occured there and is part of a misdiagnosis (well 3) that I recieved.

I have been experiencing freak symptoms out of no where and have been told its everything from a brown recluse bite to erythema nodosm. I was in alot of discomfort and very concerned that something was seriously wrong with me. So I am at the DR. for the 3rd visit of this mystery and the nurse leads me to the examination room says the dr will be in shortly and leaves. I am sitting there waiting and i can hear all kinds of people talking outside the door. then I hear my dr.s voice and she is talking to my nurse RIGHT outside the door. so close i can see thier shadows under the door. I wasnt trying to evesdrop but they were so loud you couldnt help but hear them.

I hear the nurse say "well the last time she was in i took her weight and blood pressure and she is really big and her bp was really high" the dr said "yeah i seen the charts" then the nurse says something about me being diabetic (which at this time me being 23 am being told i am a type 2 which is kind of upsetting at my age even though i knew it was coming eventually) i hear my dr say "well i wouldnt doubt it look at her" then the nurse laughs and says "well its too bad you are going to have to tell fatty to lay off her burgers and french fries" they both laugh and the dr walks in the door and starts talking to me about my blood pressure and diabetes confirming to me that I was deffinately the one they were talking about.

I was SOO humiliated and just felt like crying and walking out. I didnt say anything because i was so upset i was afraid I would start swearing and feaking out which would be the wrong thing to do so i just shut up and kept my cool until i left. Got in my car and had a breakdown.
I mean its hard enough to be sick with the crazy stuff i had going on and being told you are diabetic and then to have them blatenly make fun of me like that i just felt so wronged. I want to file a complaint but dont know how to go about it.

can anyone help??

thanks for reading..

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  • Contact "The American Medical Association". Not only should you report the nurse...you should report the doctor.That just makes me sick!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 29, 2010
    • 05:31 PM
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  • Contact "The American Medical Association". Not only should you report the nurse...you should report the doctor. That just makes me sick! thank you so much for the info i will deff. be sending a letter or making a call...something.
    sd66akakelly 4 Replies
    • October 1, 2010
    • 03:30 PM
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