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What's wrong with my child?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 22, 2006
  • 03:18 AM

When I was pregnant with my 3 year old son I had a very complicated pregnancy. It started out with a blood clot, then placental previa to placental abruption, During my third trimester as the previa and abruptio resolved I had debris in my amniotic fluid, LARGE amounts of amniotic fluids (but I did not have maternal diabetes), preterm contractions. My little boy was born on time with no other complications.

The day he was born I noticed he slept a lot, even for a newborn. The pediatrician came in and said he has a facial palsy (his lip looks like it droops on one side). The pediatrician said he would grow out of it.

When he turned 2 years old we noticed that he foot is turned outward when he runs or walks really fast. Again I was told by the doctor that he would grow out of it.

He is 3, he still has the palsy, the foot turned outward, and severe behavioral problems. He was also just diagnosed with Meatus Stenosis. He complains that his teeth hurt (The teeth that are already in).

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  • Those with CP often have highly sensitive nervous system. Overly sensitive to touch and so forth, or can experience the opposite and be undersensitive. All those with CP are very diferent to one another, and cant be put into convenient boxes.Your son will always have the palsy. As for his teeth, he may be more sensitive or just more vocal about it then other children. With new teeth coming through, there is no reason why some of his other teeth might not feel sensitive, especially if you find later that your son has more teeth than his jaw can accommidate (this is common in many of us whether CP or not, so not a concern till secondary teeth, where some may need to be removed to avoid bucked teeth).His behaviour may also be due to retardation, if he is retarded. Or again being oversensitive that may make him irritable. Do you know if he is on the same emotional and mental development level as a three year old? Not all CP are retarded and sometimes if they are retarded it may not be detected until later; they progress mentally then stop. What is his speech like?Thing for you to do is not to be overly concerned about your son or it will drive you nuts. It is hard not to do this, particularly when you aren't sure if it is something to do with the CP or just the normal things associated with a child growing up. You sound like a first time mum? Try your hardest to treat him as a child without CP, not being overly protective, but at the same time sensitive to his special needs.What is his foot wear like? Ankle boots are great as they give a lot of support. And how are his arches. If he is flat footed, he will benefit from soft but firm insteps.All the best to you, and dont forget to take time out for yourself, even if it be half an hour. :-)Agape,searchingsam
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    • November 23, 2006
    • 07:44 AM
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