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Vomiting after meals..

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  • Posted By: gilly1975
  • January 27, 2011
  • 08:28 PM

Hi there,
I was fit and healthy, ex infantry soldier of British army and roughly 14 stone quite good muscle structure and healthy diet & exercise. 5 years ago i caught gastroenteritis (the worst vomiting bug ever) and had the worst time of my life. I ended up in accident and emergency and then kept in hospital and put on a ward hooked up to a drip to rehydrate and feed me ect. About 3 months after this horrid experience i got diagnosed with i.b.s (irritable bowel syndrome) with stomach pains, bloating ect. So i started to watch my diet and things was ok other than me being constipated now and then. That was that, other than the odd days of aches & pains and feeling groggy now and then, things wasn’t too bad and i just got used to that’s how life was going to be. About 16 months ago i started to really feel ill, no energy, sleeping all the time, i could eat a meal and within 5mins i would almost fall asleep, get stomach pains ect. Then straight away the weight started dropping off me at a rate of 2kg's every 3-4 weeks which is scary. I had blood tests, stool & urine tests, barium meal scans, endoscopies, colonoscopies, abdominal ultra sound scans ect and all showing fine. About 4 months later (a year ago roughly now) i ate a average size cooked dinner with veg and meat and within 30 minutes, i got the most horrific pain in the centre of my stomach and this pain kept looping for 30-60 seconds every 3-4 minutes so almost constant for 7 hours. I went to my accident & emergency out of hour’s dr’s at 2 am in the morning and was told "it’s just acid, go take paracetamol. When i got home i just got an urge to try and be sick as if the food was stuck...after 45 minutes of vomiting, i managed to get a lot of my dinner back up. This food looked just as if it had been eaten and not been digested, and the pain started to ease. I then was scared for many days to eat anything incase i got this horrid pain. So, days passed and i ate some soup, to my amazement within 30-40 minutes, i belched and a mouth full of soup come up, tasted the same as when it went down. So i did the same, belched a few times till it all had came out and i felt fine. After going back and forwards to my doctors i finally got in with a good consultant who did another endoscopy and she took 8 biopsies in total. Mean time, every time i ate, it was still getting stuck, and i would have to bring it back up. 2 weeks later i had a phone call from hospital, could i go down and see my consultant, obviously i was worried. I had had blood tests ect in past for coeliac twice ok due to me always having thought my symptoms was very similar. I get to hospital, sat down and she tells me " I'm afraid you have a disease called coeliac disease". I replied, I've already had 2 blood tests for this previously though. She explained that blood tests DO NOT pick up on coeliac disease, only when a biopsy is taken from the small intestines/stomach wall, diagnosis can be found out which people are not told so that's one thing i wish doctors would tell people because i thought i was in the clear for it twice...until the biopsy did the trick. So, i thought, ok this is why I'm being sick after each meal and i was kind of happier and i could see a way out. So, i joined coeliac u.k and started my strict diet of gluten, wheat, barley free food and ate only coeliac food free of such ingredients. This has been going on now for the last 4 months now up to this very day and i am still loosing weight (when coeliac people put weight on in their first 3 months) so I'm very worried, but even more worrying is the meals getting stuck and the vomiting have got even worse. I'm prescribed a supplement drink called "ensure" which is just like a milkshake 250mils and that's even coming back up. When i don't eat for a few days only the odd biscuit and cup of tea here n there i get very bitter and sharp orange bile come up. We need to try different solutions and try helping each other. I have comfort from knowing there are people out there with the same problems as myself, hope one day soon there’s a answer for it all. Anyone who can shine a light on this awful condition would be warmly welcomed. Every bit of information is better than none.
All the best to you all..
Shaun (35yrs old from Derbyshire in England)

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