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Undiscovered brain phenomenon to be studied by talented Western scientists

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  • Posted By: barbaad admi2
  • May 26, 2009
  • 09:24 AM

Imagine the circumstances. A youngster realizes he is suffering from an undiscovered psychiatric or brain disease. This disease has ruined his professional career and personal life to such an extent that the only interest and purpose of his life is to bring this disease to the notice of medical fraternity. Everyday is a ***l.
It is doctors who have forced him to think it must be something undiscovered. Let me explain the wickedness of the doctors. I don't expect competence or high caliber. Just sincerity. The least psychiatrists should do is listen.

The boy consults four different psychiatric clinics on his own. After a few visits he takes his father along. The psychiatrists get extremely irritated and angrily mutter to there compounder (assistant), "What has happened to him? Why does he come here again and again?"

For 3.5 years the boy had taken doctor's words (misdiagnosis) at face value. Then he realizes while he is suffering, while he is "dying", psychiatrists talk about everything in the world but don't utter a single word about what happens in his case and how a patient feels in this particular case etc. They just fit him in some universal disease and dispose off the case.

Remember how in the 2001 Bosnian movie 'No Man's Land' what the UN does.

More frustration as the parents of this patient are convinced that it is all boy's fault for not doing his part, not doing his duty, not doing his responsibility. They believe it's just a bit of stress which can be overcome by you know, recreation, discipline, regular studies, exercise etc.

The state he lives in is very backward so even the state's premier medical institutions will be insensitive. I will start another thread on how the state's backwardness affects the problem. I wanted the MRI of brain. But I am afraid the state's incompetent doctors might read the MRI wrongly. The opportunity of this expensive test might get wasted.

Unintended wickedness of some doctors. Look how some doctors are unintentionally wicked. One psychiatrist gets fascinated by this unique case, shows whole-hearted sincerity, best of intentions, talks politely, jots down voraciously and even keeps a copy of my hand written description. But due to his lack of caliber doesn't really understand the illness. Many people here become doctors only because Medical Council of India is corrupt. Corruption is evrywhere, even in West's well-administered countries but nobody must be crap-brained like here.

Due to this wicked state my parents have become my enemies. Thinking that I am at fault they harass me. You know the kind of nagging that can drive one to suicide.

Due to some reason I cannot go outside the state. It's a case of "which came first egg or chicken? Since I am having problem I cannot go outside the state and since I cannot go outside the state I cannot be treated. The only hope is to search scientists on internet.

And there is also the question of whether to switch to brain doctors (on internet of course). I have given up hope of cure. What I want is no-fault-certificate to show it to my parents and then I can die peacefully. One cannot carry on in life with this handicap.

Some institutions, some organizations, like say United Nations, ICC referees and umpires, Red-Tape, Oscar awards (winners are decided by casting couch and favoritism) etc become defunct due to lack of sincerity or lack of talent. What is the English terminology for such 'phenomenon of powerful authorities doing nothing to fulfill there duties despite having means'?

I forgot to mention the these doctors are perhaps bad listeners.

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