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Unable to obtain diagnosis for 2+ years!! Help Me Please...

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  • Posted By: KDOkie
  • March 19, 2007
  • 00:36 PM

Here's my History:

When I was an infant I was diagnosed with an internal Yeast Infection. Apparently I was born with this and it settled in my intestines and stomach causing horrid smells and digestion problems. At 6 I had the second worse case of Chicken Pox the state of California had seen that year (the first worse case sadly died). I ended up with more than 200+ on one hand alone...the rest of my body was covered so much that the docotors could not place a pin anywhere on my body without touching one! I had them on my scalp, ears, inside my ears, on my eyes, under my eyelids, up my nose, in my mouth, down my throat, on the bottom of my hands and feet, in my private parts. Not only did I just have them as singles, but some were stacked two and three lesions high! I was a mess! I was silver with scars for years.after. And until I was 19 I was relatively healthy...a sinus infection here or there due to allergies. But other than the two above illnesses I was healthy. I needed little sleep at night (about 3-6 hours max) and highly energetic during the day. I was involved in many sports and enjoyed being spontaneous. At 19 I was diagnosed with Epstien-Barr (Mono). I recovered in less than a month! However I noticed I needed more sleep within 6 months of recovering. I was sleeping more than 12 hours a day!! Some days only being awake for 4 hours or less!! Upon moving to Hawaii (around the 6 month recovery mark) I began to get chronic CA-MRSA infections. I had never had any of these prior to moving to Hawaii. I moved on island on July 9th (2004) and by August 24th I had my first lesion. It was small and located on the back of my left leg. It went away rather quickly and I thought nothing of it. A week or two later I had 5 active lesions, the biggest being 5 inches across! Painful yes. From then until the following year's December I had between 5 and 10 monthly. I was tested for being a carrier (under nails and up nose) every time and every time I was negative. Although I still had doctors telling me I was the one infecting myself!!! And telling me it was all in my head!!! I was sent to psychologists, infectious disease specialists, and dermatologists. The only doc who gave me any hope was the dermatologist! Who was on my side and gave me iodine to bathe with when I got the lesions as I could no longer be treated with antibiotics. By December 2005 I ended up with 70 active lesions all on the back of my legs and rear end (nowhere else)! I could not sit down and keeping them all cleaned and sanitized was the most difficult thing ever! The lesions for January, February, March, and April of 2006 totalled no more than 2 a month. I found out I was 2 months pregnant in May of 2006 and (knock on wood) have not had a lesion since. A much needed vacation back to the East Coast for 3 weeks actually allowed my immense amount of purple scars to diminish finally! Although they have never gone away fully and I fear I will stay scarred for life.
To back track a little March of 2005 I was diagnosed with a Thyroid Cist and Nodule in the right lobe. The cist was drained 4 times and has yet to return (knock on wood). And the nodule was biopsied two times and has come back negative for cancer. The endocrinologist diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism. However I have trouble putting on weight but loose weight very easily and I eat like a horse!! Even after pregnancy I am only 5 pounds above my prepregnancy weight and I have not been cleared to exercise and am not breastfeeding as my son is superallergic to breastmilk and milkbased formulas.
So all that said, can any of this be related?? Here are a list of my chronic symptoms:
-Fatigue--needing more than 15 hours of sleep daily
-Crave Salt--like it's going out of style but no adverse affects
-Dizziness/Fuzzouts--when bending over or standing
-Weight Loss--without trying
-Loss of Appetite--although I force myself to eat because I get scared that I can go more than a day without eating and not be hungry at all!!
-Back Pain--lower
-Abdominal Pain--sporadic, sharp pains to my belly button region
-Diarrhea--in the past 3 months I've had 2 regular stools
-Severely Irritable--I've always been easy going until about 2 years ago
-Depression--about 4 days a week I feel like not getting out of bed and I was always outgoing, this is followed by crying spells, and just lack of interest in things I used to love doing, and constantly worrying. This has been going on for about 2 years as well.

***Please help me!! I want to be normal again and I want to get back to my spunky, active, happy self! I'm tired of going to doctors who tell me I'm just depressed or that I'm bringing it on myself!! I miss my old lifestyle and I need to get a diagnosis before my whole life ends up passing me by because the doctors won't help me. I'm on a second volume for my medical record, which up until 20 was less than half an inch thick! Please help.***

Thank you.

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