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two years and still no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: needhelp
  • July 22, 2007
  • 03:01 AM

I really need help. two years and every doctor available including CT and PET scans and no diagnosis. seeing natural paths now and taking IV immune drips to help my immune system fight whatever is happening. If I don't take them I end up in bed, yellow very sick. Started as a pea size in chest then grew to over two inches in diameter and now feels like a rock and I get inflammation from mid chest up into middle of throat. I've suffered chronic fatigue symptoms as a result of the infection, bacteria or whatever it is that no one seems to be able to identify. Sometimes I'm so sick I barely have the energy to play with my kids. Stress kicks it in. If I do not receive a IV for 3 weeks and have a severe stressed day then it kicks my issue into high gear. which is were I'm at now. I've been getting IV's for past two weeks but I seem to be getting worse rather than better for the first time since Jan when I started the IV. very concerned and don't know were else to turn. is anyone having these symptoms? I can't find anything on the web and no traditional or natural path Dr seems to have an answer for me. I've been agressive in trying to find an answer and I just need help!

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  • I don't quite understand your symptoms. Do you need a dermatologist to look at your growth? Do you have hepatitis is your skin is yellow.
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  • I hear you. Two years ago came up with a bunch of sympton which resulted in brain and spinal MRIs, 3 negative spinal taps, PET scan and things I do not know the name of. Could not walk, talk, was bed ridden; everything including feedng me, dressing me, changing my hospital bed with me in it had to be done for me. Found brain lesions, but not the casue and told me I was lucky it was not brin cancer. All symtoms totally remitted. I am completely ambulatory. But lost my job, my apartment, and nursing home I have lived in since 12/05 is on an agenda to throw me out, making me a homeless attorney bag lady. Ad of 12/06 been lesions free fro 18 mos.; all other symptoms gone, except a minor numbness in my lower left arm, which from past experience could because I lean on it and not MS. Used to think they missed relapsing remitting MS as my diagnosis. Now believe they really do not know what happened to me, but because of fear that I could collapse at any moment andhave another brakdown, my neurologists, the chief honcho at a major NYV hospital with an excelletn rep., keeps telling me to take it slow, not go back to work full time, etc., lest i collapse and have a breakdown again and end up in worse shape than I was (but who knows if or when?). So I understand your predicament and thanks for lettingme share. Any suggestions?
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  • Started as a pea size in chest then grew to over two inches in diameter and now feels like a rock and I get inflammation from mid chest up into middle of throat.This is confusing. What do you mean? It started as a pea size in chest? What did? Where in chest? Near your neck?There is an unusual thyroid condition which causes your thyroid tissue to grow outside the normal placement. It grows within your upper chest near the neck. Of course you would have inflammation with this.
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