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  • Posted By: jwgraypd
  • March 12, 2007
  • 03:07 AM

I am a 43yr old w/m Pharmacist. I have noticed in the past 6 months or so that when I put my contacts in every morning, my right hand trembles to the point I can barely get my left contact in. It does not seem to shake when I put the right contact in. In the more recent past I have noticed my hands tremble during different tasks for example, using a calculator or while typing on computer. If I am thinking what to type next, my hands will ***k or shake. It's kind of like I'm really nervous or when someone has restless leg syndrome(I can not keep them still). The only thing I can think about is Michael J. Fox and young he was when he was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson. What test can I have done to give my a diagnosis and/or rule out Parkinson's. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

John Gray, PD

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  • Ahh! I have the exact same problems, and others also...Do you have night sweats or feel hot all the time? Does your heart race? Are you getting leg buckling when you go down stairs? Are you feeling like doing less activity than normal? How is your apetite? Any ear aches?Unfortunately, I have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroid, and had the same arm and leg tremors that you had. That was what made me go in. They took a blood test called a TSH, and checked for the level of T4 antibody in my blood. My TSH was low, and the T4 was high. I still don't know which kind of hyperthyroid I have, but your symptoms sound similar to mine. You should go get checked out. They gave me Propranolol and it helps a little bit, but I still don't have the underlying problem fixed yet, so it's really frustrating. I hope we both get better soon!
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  • I started the same way.. tremors in one hand then the other hand, then my head, then my chin and teeth... next the legs and I was diagnosed with Benign essential tremors... there is nothing benign about it... I was 40 when it started and it has gotten worse over the last 6 years. I was given premidone and it seems to help some.. but doesnt get rid of it. But due to having ards and pneumonia I can not take beta blockers or I would be on premidone and another med in combination that is suppose to be better... tremors can have all kinds of reasons and the web site 'we move' has info on all types of tremors.... hope this helps!
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