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Throat issues.... more doctor visits!

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  • Posted By: Janster
  • October 25, 2007
  • 05:56 PM

Long story short - this all started back in July as chest tightness and anxiety feelings in the chest. Went to ER, everything normal and good (heart, blood pressure, ekg, lung xray, etc). Followup doctor appts...had pulmonary test, blood tests, everythign normal. Doc prescribe me Advair which removed the chest tightnes almost immedidately. After a couple months - my throat started feeling aweful (lump, etc) and chest symptoms started coming back. Saw Pulmonary specialist - took me off Advair (assuming side effect in throat) and put me on Singulair. This helped somewhat but the throat was *not right* and a couple weeks later...it got worse. Had follow up with Pulmonary specialist and complained about throat - he wasn't worried about it as I don't have problems with swallowing or voice - wants follow up in 6 months.

They blame anxiety, allergies, and asthma.... I'm a very active person who always stays busy (high strung) but I've never had issues with anxiety and pretty 'relaxed' in the sense that I don't worry about stuff. I have a history of allergies but I haven't really been exposed to anything different that I haven't been exposed to in years. Just weird...

Well now - this throat thing is really bugging me. I know my throat is constricted. Doesn't hurt or hurt to swallow...feels like a lump & uncomfortable. Eating/drinking temporarily makes it feel better. It feels 'best' when I wake up in the morning. Things that I used to be able to swallow with ease, are more difficult like my throat can't swallow 'as much' at one time. And just today...and perhaps this is just something I've noticed for fear of 'wanting' to find something.... but... If I tilt my head/neck back - I can see a small elevation in my throat (left side only)exactly where my cartoid artery is and you can actually watch it pulse. It's not hard and doesn't hurt if I press on it....something underneath?

And, some of the chest senstation are coming back again.....
I'm almost 40, no children, married, physical job...
Meds I'm on:
Birth Control (for many many years)
Allegra D - taken at night to help prevent snoring and breathe better
Currently on Singulair
Take multivitamens & calcium supplements every other day or few days when I remember to take 'em.

I made yet another appointment with my doctor and beg him to look at my throat more closely.....I've done soooo much research online- my head is starting to hurt (not really but...you get the idea). Seems there could be a ton of different things this could be...

Am I crazy for keep making doc appointments? Am I crazy for wanting to be relieve of all these symptoms?

Thanks for your time - frustrated in PA!

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  • Do some research on Vocal Fold Dysfunction. I was diagnosed w/ this in one visit to a speech pathologist at Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine located in Belfast, Maine. Pathologist took a camera & observed my vocal cords closing abnormally. W/ VFD your vocal cords close when they should be open. This will give you breathing difficulty plus a tightness in the throat. There is a tea called Throat Coat. It can be purchased at a natural foods store. The tea helps sooth the throat. Speech Pathologist recommended it. Whenever I think I am having VFD, I enjoy a cup of Throat Coat. I also will do some speech therapy he taught me. This helps to loosen your throat muscles, which relaxs vocal cords.I too have been having a lot of lung/breathing problems. I think VFD was a result of my lung issues. A huge part of controlling VFD is by relaxing muscles in your neck. The tenser your neck muscles are, the more strain it will put on your cords. My primary care physician at first thought I was nuts when I went into his office w/ 20 pages of paperwork which discusses VFD. After he looked at it, he agreed it was worth a shot to send me to Voice & Swallowing Center. Low & Behold, the camera did not lie. Good luck to you. Pat
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    • November 8, 2007
    • 04:22 AM
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