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They call me the medical wonder!

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  • Posted By: Radiogirl
  • August 9, 2010
  • 10:58 PM

Hi. I'm a 31 year old female with many medical issues most end up being relatively harmless although rare. I assure you I am not a hypocondract (sp?? Haha). In fact I avoid the doctor as much as I can.

Here's the list but feel free to skip down to the bottom for the reason for my post.
I have Polands Syndrom. Hands and face are totally unaffected. Left pectorial is missing.
I have a nearly calsified brain tumor. About the size of a quarter

I have an IGA defficiancy. So my immune system is compromised. This is also linked (we think) to my complete lack of ability to fight herpes Zoster virus. And it presents in muli forms. From shingles in 2001. Aidies pupil in 2003. Meningitis in march of 2005. Encephalitis in May of 2005. Pneumonia in 2007. (notice a pattern?? Every 2 years. 2009 I had my fist baby so I consider that my hospital stay for that year. LOL)

I have unexplained infertility. With the help of Clomid concieved my son.

I have pserisis(sp??) sever on my scelp. And am about to see a dermatologist regarding what APPEARS to be wide spread Fulleculities (sp??). A biopsy is sheduled for Aug 16th

I have sleep apnia as well as lichen sclerosis (proven by biopsy)

okay so as insane as it seems I think that is it!!

Now for the new thing. My left knee has been swollen for almost three years. No fluid can be removed in Dr office. It can get very painful and can go from moderate swelling to severe swelling. It becomes stiff and I can't put any weight on it (kneal down). In the last week I have now noticed that my left ankle and foot have become very swollen with severe pain and stiffness (limited motion) in my big toe. My foot and ankle feel numb. Is uncomfortable to move foot and ankle to full range if motion. Over a year ago after an x-Ray on my swollen knee it came back with (very) minor arthritis. Great news that it's so minor but I don't feel then that it explains what's going on with the knee and now my foot and ankle. ????

Any thoughts? If you have questions regarding any of the other stuff I'll do my best to explain it. I don't tell the average person my list cause I'm pretty sure they'd think I was insane. Haha.


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