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TBI Long term effects of

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  • Posted By: graydove
  • June 26, 2008
  • 03:17 AM

My story begins back in 1974. I was 12 years old at the time. I was riding my horse home from a friend’s house. A pick-up truck ran into us. My horse went through the windshield of the truck, killing my horse and an 8 year old boy in the pick-up. I flew over the cab of the truck; hit the tailgate of the truck breaking both of my femurs, then landed head first on the pavement several feet behind the pick-up truck. I do not have any memory of the accident or of the day except part of the early morning of riding my horse down to a field my mom was in cutting hay and when it was dark I remember thinking I have to get home and started galloping my horse on the pavement. My mom, sister and brother watched the accident happen; they had come looking for me in the car. Mom told me all of the other information I have no memory of many years later when I finally got her to talk about it. She gave me CPR and had to hold me down on the ground until the ambulance came. I was in a coma for a few days; I was in Buck’s traction for almost 3 months in the hospital. Then in a double spika cast for almost 3 months. I then had to learn to walk again. I did not have any kind of therapy after the accident, no Neropsych testing or anything.
I did graduate from High school, worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for a short time, then in a pet store for a short time. I eventually married and raised three children, then divorced. My ex-husband had a drug addition, and liked to have many affairs. So when youngest child graduated that was enough. I managed to finally get my associates degree in nursing in 2002, but for a 2 year program it took me 6 years and 2 colleges to do. I have tried working in Mental Health, Correctional, long-term/skilled facility, Hospice and Home Health. Each area was more stress than I could do and I would become ill. All the time it looked like depression and the doctor would put me on antidepressants, but none of them would work. I would eventually loose the job.
I started having increasing problems two jobs ago. I had trouble concentrating, focusing, and trouble with speech. The day I lost this job I ended up in the hospital getting a CAT-scan done. When I saw my doctor he said I sounded like someone learning a new language. It took me 2.5 months to get my speech back to almost normal. I managed to get another job, but became ill within two months of getting the job, and lost it in December of 2007, in January of 2008 my son and his girlfriend had been living with me. His girlfriend has a violent temper and she gave me a black eye and a concussion of which I blacked out 2-3 times during the time she was beating me. Since then I have had increasing problems, my speech is not good when I have small stress or try to explain something to someone, I have trouble processing thoughts, I cannot do more than one task at a time or I become confused, I have constant headaches now, sometimes feels like pressure, sometimes is sharp shooting pain, but is always on right side of my head where encephlomalacia (softening of brain tissue) is shown in MRI and CAT-scan.
I have had to rent out my place to pay the mortgage and move in with my mother. I have no income and cannot work and no insurance to help pay for any type of medical or tests. My doctor wants a Neropsych test done, but it is too expensive for my empty pocket. I was trying to finish massage school and a program for BSN, but had to drop out of both of these. I cannot think correctly to do education anymore. I have tried for disability, and been denied 3 times, I am lost for now and see no way out. I do not claim to be suicidal, but if I have to live much longer with these headaches I will be happy not to do so anymore.
Blessings Sheila

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