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Swollen lower limbs - aches N Pain..

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  • Posted By: Kitten
  • March 19, 2008
  • 00:57 AM

ok .. here is my story - it started about 2yrs ago..approx. I am at this time .. 38yrs old. When my health began to decline I was 36.. I went through some really major stress in my life - and when the stress was at its peek - My health just bottomed out.

I had an episode of - well it started I guess with just general aches and pain - I noticed it when walking .. it really hurt like in my hips and legs to walk. This went on for well am unsure will say 2-4weeks.. then one day - is like I woke up and I was in so much pain .. every single joint in my body was just screaming in pain.. I was in tears it hurt so bad. My fingers - elbows.. knees ankles toes.. everything. All my joints were swollen. This happend over a holiday weekend - and ( am an american living in Netherlands ) it was like 5 days - before I was properly seen to by a doctor who could treat me. I had not slept or anything for that long. He treated me with well - I was put on sleeping pills short period of time.. and a pill to get rid of the swelling. The following week - a Doctor for arthritis came to my home - to check me out. He didnt think it was arthritis - and that was the end of it. But ever since then - my feet have been continuously swollen ankles as well.. I cant put my shoes - and I do not walk very well - I still get pain in my hands - fingers - elbows.. toes.. is not a sharp pain anymore like the first time..but more a dull ache -
I have zero energy - trouble sleeping . Have been back to the doctor once - and they put me on a furosimide ( spelling might be off a bit ) .. for like 2 weeks..it took away ( some ) of the swelling but not all in my feet ..
I have periods of - where I feel .. really severely cold like teeth chattering cold- and then like an hour later I could be running a mild fever.
My feet - are severely dry - I use lotions and such on them but still.. sever dryness..cracking on my heels - my toes are just pudgy -fat - some days so much so that It takes all I got to wiggle them. They were never like that before - even like my toenails - is like they are so dry I don't know even how to describe - its like they have how to say- deformed I guess. There are other small things I can't even think of them at this time..This has happened in the space of two years. I feel like I am slowly dying here.

I still could not get my shoes and still cant- .. and that is all that has been done. I really dont know what to do with this anymore..
can anyone out there .. throw me a line as to where I should look or what I should look for ..

Health wise before all this started - I would say was fairly normal .. nothing major wrong with me.

Family history wise -
My mother has type 2 diabetes she has thyroid problems has for years and I believe she is has been on a blood pressure pill for quite a number of years also.
My dad -
he has I think what is called Vasculitis - he had a serious episode about 7 years ago with it.. his kidneys shut down from it

Brothers / sisters - all in good health.

am kinda at my wits end -

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