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Sudden hearing loss!

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  • Posted By: Richell
  • November 28, 2013
  • 02:53 AM

On June 23, 2013, I was hiking near the ocean in Carmel Valley when both of my ears plugged up! It was a bit cold and windy outside so I thought once I returned to the car and warmed up, they would unplug! Four hours later after going grocery shopping and reading up on how to unplug my ears, I took some Benadryl. My right ear opened up and while my left ear was still plugged and roaring loader than crashing waves! I decided to go to bed early to see if I could sleep it off. Within an hour of going to bed I woke up and the whole room was spinning. I managed to make it to the bathroom where I spent the next several hours with vertigo and vomiting. I knew this was related to my ear and was hopeful that it would work it's way through and everything would return to normal the next day! By 6:30am I sat waiting until the doctors office opened, so I could make an appointment. I was thrilled to get in early and find out what was going on. The doctor told me it was labrynthitis and to continue taking Benadryl, then come back in four days if it didn't go away! By that afternoon I was second guessing the doctor and had this internal instinct that I needed to do more! At this point I could barely walk because everything was spinning, I couldn't lie down without vomiting and my ear was stuffed up and roaring! I called a friend of mine that had a sudden hearing loss in one ear about eight years ago, I asked her what she did when it first happened. Her husband happens to be a neurosurgeon and she called him immediately for me. He got me in for an MRI and CT Scan immediately to check for a tumor or hemorrhage. I didn't have either, so he got me into an ENT where I was placed on steroids. The ENT offered to do steroid shots in my ear and I thought that might be a little intense, so I declined and just took the pill form of steroids. Now I was a few days into this incident, I felt awful on the steroids and I was still dizzy, spinning, vomiting and barely able to walk or hear! I decided I needed to inform my boss! My boss went into action and told me that I needed to go to the Ear Institute in Palo Alto for a second opinion! I made an appointment for the following day! My only option at the ear institute was to try the steroid shot directly into my ear! I did a series of four shots, one a week for the next four weeks. My dizziness got a little better and I was able to hear a little better! They finally told me that was about all they could do and to come back in three months to see if things were better. I went back this Monday, I still have a significant hearing loss in my left ear and I am extremely sensitive to sound. Loud noises continue to cause my head to spin, but overall I think I am coping well! The Dr. ran a CT Scan today to check for a hole in one of my canals, just to see if that had anything to do with my sensitivity to sound and the continued issues with imbalance and dizziness! I'm glad he is looking into every possibility! My CT Scan came back normal and I don't have a hole. So I talked to the Dr. and I'm going to give it a few more months to see if I'm still having issues and then we can discuss other possible causes! I have been told that I'm a candidate for cochlear implants or hearing aides! I'm not quite ready to go there yet as I'm hopeful things will get better! I have also worked with an occupational therapist to help with the spinning and balance issues. This has made things better and I would definitely recommend it to anyone experiencing these issues! We'll I hope this helps! Don't wait, go as fast as you can to a specialist and if offered steroid shots to your ear, I would definitely recommend it! Good luck!

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  • Has your doctor sent you to an ENT specialist for second opinion..and an Audiologist to see your hearing levels. A hearing test would be vital and you dont mention this as being done. An audiologist can read the results. Did they mention Meniere's disease as a possibility.
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    • January 24, 2015
    • 09:38 AM
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