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Stress Seizures?

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  • December 26, 2008
  • 03:41 PM

Symptoms started in Dec 2003. My blood pressure was out of control. I went to the Dr's. office and because it was so high they gave me medicine in the office to bring it down. I passed out and have been passing out ever since. I still have problems with my blood pressure. Now I have seizures (non epileptic) almost everyday. I have been to some many doctor that I lost count and no one has been able to help me. I have been told that I am depressed,suicidial,crazy, that I am making everything up for attention (by doctors). They have put me on anti depressants, seizure meds all of which do not work. There are some days that I can't not get out of the bed, not because I don't want to, I simply can;t. After one of the seizures my head and chest hurts so bad that I actually think I am dying. No one will help me. I was finally told this summer that I had "stress seizures." My daughter spoke with a women who has the exact same symptoms I do except for the seizures. She said that she was told that she had Vagus Nerve Defects;hiowever, I am unable to find any information. If someone out there could help me with anything I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank You

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  • OMG my son is ten and we have been going around and around with doctors over this same thing! They keep telling me it's just stress but I don't think it could be. He is so laid back and agreeable. There seems to be no triggers and even during stressful times he is fine. If you hear anything please post. All the doctors will say is keep him safe when he falls but when your child is active and you are going about your daily life it's almost impossible! We have had EEGs, MRIs,a MRA, a Cat scan, numerous xrays, and even a tilt table test! We have appointments with all kinds of doctors (even chiropractor) and they can't tell me what is wrong with him.
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    • January 5, 2009
    • 09:06 PM
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  • As of 2006 N.california after being rear ended while waiting still for car ahead of me to pull in to their apt drive way. I was hit by a 1990"s chevy truck going about 40 mph. They had no license or insurance. the worst part was my head was ringing for over 30 min and soon as i turned the corner to my home and sat down I told my sister what happened and wanted to go to sleep. after going to kaiser Hospital, as i registered I suddenly went from still to uncontrolable movements of flaling my arms and feet until i slid out of wheel chair loking like a grown up haveing a tantrum and a sezier all at once off and on all day.a day after being ignored and treated as a mental patient and drawn on by five police and back up with weapons ready to fire. The neurologist did EEG and as I was seizing no electical fireing in the brain.The Dr. who was the first i had been to about this said you have stress seziuers and that is not a medical problem but a psychological one. It is where the body and the mind stop commmunicateing properly and the body gets brain signal mixed up. So far with me sezing on the doctors floor instead of geting my questions answered like i wanted to. I believe she has a point that is on the tip of the ice berg called stress seziuers. Coping methods i use are talking to myself in my head to deep brathing. I fight to think or imagine something positve if i can catch my self at the beginning of the seziure. peacful music helps to make sezing to be not so furious. I find that i seize during sleep and just before i sleep or when i wake up and even when i am haveing a good day.their is so muich to be discoverd and under stood about this illness. A medical alert card or something like it has been helpful in alerting others as well as letting others know how to tell when i an in a seziur. I tell people just to let the sezing runs its course,interfering makes the body tighten more along with jerking which is ******n the body and that my speach may be impaired. I personally avoid hospitals since the doctors have no clue on how to deal with this and often they add unneccsarry trama or treat you as if you are an epilepsy patient which those methods aggrivate the situation.I must stop and as myself is their any part of my day or some past happening that i bottled up and did not deal with . Answering this question have seemed to lessen how often and how long duration of sezing occour.also physical illnesses and lack of sleep and physical tieredness increase issue. I found Exercise may help.
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  • What you have is called soto seizures (stress seizures), my sister has them and so does my boyfriend. Doctor's will give you the ring around about it, but honestly doctor's cant seem to get a grip on this one. The cause is stress, and a build up of stress, the seizure will hit when everything is relaxed. I believe there isn't any medications for it, you just have to take it day by day and omit the stress from your life. I hope this answers your question as to what they are.
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    • February 16, 2010
    • 02:42 AM
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