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Stomache problem-please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2008
  • 06:23 AM

I have been sick for over a year now. At first I was just getting some stomach pain here and there, but it started to intensify. I was 140 lbs and now down to 120..I eat healthy, and thought maybe I had celiac spru but when I went in to get tested they sent me for the wrong test and I was off gluten for about 3 weeks after I had the test done, so I didn't think the results would come up. I am diabetic and have been since 11, I'm now 20 and a Karate Instructor and this is really affecting my work- I get very fatigued and barely make it through the day. My stools alter-sometimes they seem normal, and other times I have severe abdominal pain, Diarrhea, pale/green stools. I feel very sick and the doctors are giving me the run around, I have had every test you can have basically, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Anemia test. Im getting very discouraged and dont know what to do anymore..If anyone has any suggestions It would be most appreciated

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  • Hi there, I have simular probs and am at the end of my tether.i have had stomach probs since i was 17 ( 17yrs ago) i was under weight and struggled with what foods to eat and would stay awake all nite stressing about food, i also had chronic anemia and was constantley tired and rarely got out of bed, i constantly felt sick n dizzy and nervous and couldnt hold a conversation, sounds stupid i no but this made my symptoms worse. the docs thought i was anerexic, i knew i wasnt cos i loved food just didnt agree with me. i then put up with it until i was 23 and had my first baby, my anemia suddenly went away but the stomach probs were still there but not as bad. then 7 yrs ago, it all started again, i put on 2 stone and looked like i had been blown up with a pump, my stomach swelled when i ate anything and i looked 9 months pregnant, i had abdominal pains above and below waist, headaches, shoulder pain, jaw pain, feeling sick, backache and side pain, i had endoscopy, colonoscopy, barieum meal done, nothing showed, was diagnosed with ibs and given medication. 4 last 7yrs i have just existed, havnt really had a life, have 2 kids now and cant av a relationship because of how i am and feel. in november i started to feel worse and got a bug in Jan, i havent been right since, i have lost my job, witch has happened numerous times, i saw a different doctor who suspected celiac, as i have chronic anemia again and u dont get that with ibs, i just had endoscopy and colonoscopy and cat scan again and as i suspected showed nothing. i feel my muscle pains are getting worse and are unbarable, i feel about 90, if that makes sense, at mo im taking 30 tablets and 6 spoons of medicine aday just to get out of bed. i now dont think its ibs and feel i need to investigate myself as im getting no where with doctors and tests, any ideas or i hope u can relate to what im saying
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