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still not feeling well

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  • April 21, 2007
  • 04:56 PM

I was a healthy 19 yr old female in July 2003 and suddenly I had severe headaches on my right lower head and neck. three days later I had full paralysis on the right side of my face. It then spread to my left side but only partial loss of feeling. I was diagnosed with bells palsy. After an MRI, X-rays, Spinal tap ect... A small cyst was discovered next to my cranial nerves but was determined to not be the cause of the Bell's palsy. I had the cyst monitored with follow up MRI's for the next year and the facial paralysis lessened. I would say I have about a 97% recovery with a little bit of Synkinesis. No one could tell by looking at me but I tend to cry when outside in the wind (a common lasting side effect).

August 2004 I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring and searched for 2 days in a field for it. ( I did find the diamond!) I was bitten by at least 30 bugs. One bite developed a thin red circle around it but I hadn't seen a tick on me and didn't bring it to a doctors attn until October when I came down with very serious headaches and fatigue. I went to the hospital when my headaches became extremely painful. again i had a CT scan and spinal tap. All came back normal. I was down for another week suffering from a botched spinal tap, tried to have a blood patch but it was not effective. the fatigue continued all tests for Lyme disease came back negative. My doctor diagnosed me with some type of toxemia and within a month I went back to work.

Headaches, facial nerve pain and migranes continued to bother me, I had ultracet for tension migranes and nerotin for nerve pain since the Bells palsy.

April 2005 I woke up in the middle of the night and violently sat up from sleeping. A nerve in my neck was pinched and I could not move. I was diagnosed with Torticolis (wry neck) I took flexoril for my muscles and went to physical therapy to regain movement. I had another instance where a nerve was pinched under my shoulder blade in May. I continued therapy and muscle relaxers. Flexoril and Valium for day time relief if needed.

April 2006 I suddenly felt too tired to do anything and had palpitations. I couldn't work and went to the doctor. He said I had Tachycardia and started to diagnose the problem. I had blood tests for thyroid problems, a halter monitor for 24 hours, and EKG, a lung scan to check for an embolism. All tests came up normal. It seems I only had the symptom and no cause. I was out of work for a month. My stress level went down to 0 and the symptoms still persisted. I was put on atenolol to control the rapid heart rate and was told it was hormones and would go away.

I stayed on the atenolol for 3 months and slowly stopped taking it. (the side effect of being tired was almost worse than how tired I had been in the first place). I limited my physical activity and continued my life. I took meditation lessons to relieve the stress in my life but did not find it extremely helpful.

January 2007 The rapid heart rate and palpitations suddenly reoccurred while working on a computer (no physical activity) I started taking the atenolol again and made an appt for another doctor. I had moved and needed to start over with a new doctor. I was immediately sent to a cardiologist, ( I had not been sent to one during the first instance)
A EKG in the cardiologist office was abnormal. I don't know how abnormal but she said it was not normal.
I was scheduled to have an event monitor for 2 weeks, more blood tests, and a stress Echo. So far for the event monitor I have caught several instances of a non-life threatening arrhythmia. (they said I would talk with my cardiologist about specifics).

I am awaiting the results of the last set of tests. I do not know if anything is connected but It seems like a lot to go through in the past couple of years. Could this be something else?

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