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Sorry. Long Post.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 10, 2010
  • 09:41 PM

Hello, everybody. I have been messed up since the age of 28. I am 47, female, and have 4 adult children. I began to experience flu-like symptoms while smoking in the rain. The initial attack began in my knees, and within 3 minutes, it had spread the entire length of my body, up and down, simultaneously. This included an excrutiating migraine. Even my feet are involved. Have always had sporadic hypoglycemic attacks with migraines. I once extracted 4 of my own sublinual salivary gland stones. I always get coffee-colored, fluid-filled lumps in my breasts from coffee. They once extracted 68cc.s of fluid from my left breast. Now, I have another, as big, or bigger than a jumbo-sized egg. It has been there a month. I have chronic bronchitis. Antibiotics lessen the cough for a few weeks to a month. The cough was so violent I lost all bladder control, requiring a tvt obtuartor procedure. It was successful. However, the cough also makes the inside of my orbits behind my eyes, as well as my temples feel like road rash. This mainly occurs in the right eye, which is also borderline angle closure glaucoma, plus, both eyes have open angle glaucoma with a pressure of 26, initially, now down to 21 with Timolol. I also have corneal tear erosions in both eyes. Surgeon removed my gallbladder back in February. I still get those hideous attacks out of nowhere. My joints and bones hurt. I used to cry, but have gotten used to it over the years, although it debilitates me. The headache always accompanies the attack. Light sensitivity. I wear sunglasses indoors frequently. What in the world is going on with me? I am always sipping. Mouth always dry, deep pitting edema in legs, and can feel fluid build up as it happens beneath my breasts. strange sensation, I tell you. Have had severe GERD since 1998 or earlier. I take Dexilant. Never heals, but symptoms in check unless I miss a dose. Negative for H. Pylori. Also, my thyroid is low, which carries a host of its own symptoms, as you may know. On the upside, I have the blood pressure and blood sugar of a kid, but when under severe upset, my pulse has gone instantly to 174 and 178. With a slightly high pressure. It normally runs in the mid 90s over mid to high 60s range. I can't figure out why I have gained so much weight and feel so bad all the time. Weight 196. 7 years ago I weighed 118. It took less than a year to go from 150 to my present weight. Obviously, I do smoke. A pack a day. I started when I was 10. Can anyone tell me what type of specialist(s) I should see and why this seems to me like I might have some crazy autoimmune disease? I might add that I pulled all but 12 of my own teeth, myself. I let a dentist pull 8, and I have 4 left on the bottom. They hurt, and I can only chew with 1. I do not meet the criteria for fibromyalgia, as I have no tender spots.

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