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Something wrong in my Suprasternal Region (Jugular Notch)

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  • Posted By: tsunaamii
  • January 3, 2012
  • 04:13 AM

Hello all,

My name is Stephanie, I'm 22 years old. About as healthy as any young American that see's exercising as punishment, and loves wasting time doing nothing. Except I have a great metabolism, I thank God for that!


About four years ago I had gone to the doctor for my annual 'womanly' check-up. My doctor was checking me over and randomly stuck two of her fingers down my jugular notch. She said she felt a lump, and assured me that it normally is benign but to get it looked at anyway. Well, she wrote me a note to go get a cat scan, an ex-ray, and an ultrasound and I never went to do any of those things.

When I said that I'm healthy, I meant I'm not dying and I'm not obese nor am I anorexic -I love food- but I do have one of the worst cases of allergies -I think- ever known to man. I literally feel like I should be living in a bubble. I'm allergic to GRASS for Gods sake. But I digress, the reason I bring that up, is because I figured it was just some kind of weird allergy deal. So I dismissed it, as I do with all the things I'm allergic to... like... cats. I love cats. I'll never live without a cat. And I HATE those naked cats. So I'll die holding a fuzz-ball in my arms, before I get rid of them.

Having said that, I've lived for these four years in strange unsolved suffering. While -of course these things shouldn't be done ANYWAY since they're bad for me- drinking hard liquor or smoking cigarettes something where the doctor had found that lump, would tense up and almost seem like it swelled because it became uncomfortable to swallow. Now I realize I'm allergic to cigarettes, it gave me a sickening, nauseating 'high' as though I had just got off the worst, fast-spinning carnival ride ever, and I don't drink hard liquor anymore. So I thought that would solve it.

But every so often I'll have these strange spells -my mom said due to stress, but she oftentimes dismisses my concerns as me being overly dramatic and pulls the first 'explanation' she can muster out of her ****- where the area of my jugular notch will sting, like a stabbing pain. Every time I swallow, every time I breathe, it even ends up giving me a headache. I never went to the doctor to get it checked out, I have no insurance and I can't pay for a doctor to check it out for me now.

Anyone ever have this pain and know what it is? Or... does anyone have any idea what it might be? Every little bit will help... thanks!

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  • hello, i m vikash baa 23. On march 2012 i was shadow boxing and i got little crack sound on the same region.I ignored it, but the pain still persists after 1 year. I have not done any check ups. my pain is not always .It occurs when i expand my chest.More pain when expands without taking air inside. Also When i wake up in morning it pains for a while when changing my positions.I think there is something .I do daily push ups 70 ups at a time. I thought if it is muscle problem it will solve.Sometimes it seems like it is expanding at the region up through lower neck.Also pressing the area gives pain.plz feedback .
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