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  • Posted By: Kyleb1688
  • July 6, 2009
  • 07:50 AM

Hi, Im a 21 year old male from KY. Im not going to lie, I used to have a little bit of a drug problem in my past. In November, I went to the e.r. for taking cocaine. I'm 100 percent sure I wasn't overdosing at all, I was just scared because I had never done it before and did it by myself so I didn't know what to expect. Right after that is when my problems started though. In December I started having racing heart palpitations that I'd never had before in excess of 200 bpm. It felt like I was having a heart attack. I went to the emergency room at least 8-10 times for the same reoccuring problem, in IN, KY, and WV. All say they same. I was fine that I was most likely having anxiety attacks. They put me on blood pressure medication, even though mine was fine, and scheduled me an appointment to see a cardiologist. I went there and had an echocardiogram and a stress test, with which both turned up normal. I wore a halter monitor for 30 days to record the attacks that I was having, and yet again, normal. It is now July and the attacks have pretty much stopped. When I do have one though, it feels like im about to die. The other day though was the worst. Me and my brother got into a fight and my heart took off and didnt beat right. It was like thumpthumpthumpthumpthump...........thump............thump...........thump............thumpthumpthumpthumpthump well over 200 beats a minute but like that. Like 10 quick thumps and 3 really slow ones. I thought I was having a heart attack this time, but on my way to the e.r. it calmed down and went to a normal constant rate but still stayed at over 150 bpm for almost an hour. The heart worries me because I used to be able to play sports and run and work all I wanted, but now if I even start to break a sweat, its like my heart just beats quick, but instead of not noticing it, Im aware of it and it takes my breath away, like forces it out of me. The only thing that Ive been successfully diagnosed with is I had lyme disease. I took doxycycline for it and got rid of it, but I have no idea how I even got it because I don't even go places where ticks could even be. Thats not what bothers me the most though. I have this cough that I've had since december when all these symptoms started. It will not go away. I have an oral steroid for it and an albuterol inhaler and yet they don't work. I still hack and hack all day. Sometimes productive with white salive chunks and other times dry. With it my whole body hurts. My chest and head kill me from coughing so much and now my upper back is hurting more and more each time I cough. Another thing is fatigue. I feel like I'm always tired and never can stay awake for anything, except for night time, and then I have awful insomnia and sleep till 2 or 3 in the afternoon the next day. One more thing that may be irrelevant to it all is I have awful, awful heartburn constantly. No matter what I eat, I get heartburn. Doesn't even matter if it's ice cream. I actually just drank a vanilla shake, and guess what, heartburn. I just want it to stop. So if anyone could please please help me id appreciate it.

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  • I wonder if you don't have a mild cardiomyopathy... you're describing the same symptoms I had when I had it... and you may be worrying so much about it that you're causing the heartburn... mine was caused by pregnancy... :)Keep getting checked... I had stress tests that were normal too. They just have to catch it once. It always seemed like it went away just before the doctor saw me... It's a frightening condition, I know... just keep trying, because they'll find what you need to get better.
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