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Slipping through the cracks

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  • Posted By: jk2226
  • July 13, 2007
  • 04:24 AM

Over a year ago I started having numbness, burning, tingling, pins and needles feelings in my feet. I went to my doctor, he did bloodwork, that showed I was not diabetic. I asked for a glucose tolerance test and the doctor said that was not necessary. He sent me to a neurologist who performed an emg test that showed I have peripheal neuropathy. I was then sent for an mri, which showed I have degenerative disc disease. He said this caused my peripheal neuropathy. My doctor told me I would never be able to work again (manual labor worker, majority of my life), and to file for disability. I have yet to be approved. I've been denied Medicaid, even though I am unemployed, and living with my daughter and her husband. Due to innability to pay my regular physician, he dropped me as a patient. Without Medicaid, without income, I am unable to find a regular physician. After having been dropped by my doctor, a free clinic was recently opened near me, and I've been twice. The first time they put me on: atarax (for severely itchy skin), Elavil (to help me sleep), Naproxen (for pain). Then the second visit the doctor took away the atarax and put me on: Mentax (for toe fungus), Amitriptyline (for sleep), Neurontin (for pain), and said I could still take the Naproxen (for pain), too. The doctor asked who diagnosed my neuropathy, I told him a neurosurgion using an emg. I told him about the mri diagnosing me with disc disease. He asked me if I had emphysema. I told him, yes, because I do. He said, that was causing the neuropathy, which could not be cured. I also told him about the glucose tolerance test that I had years ago and that showed I was Hypoglycemic. I told him that I was told that could develop into diabetes later on. He said no tests necessary, because he just diagnosed me; it was due to the emphysema, and my skin rashes, and itchiness were due to psorisys. For the psorisis he gave me creams, and told me I need sun exposure everyday and it will go away. (mind you I've had this problem with my skin all my life, even though I used to spend all day playing in the sun!) Go figure. I am 57, I used to play tennis, badmitten, walk, work hard manual labor jobs, enjoyed my family. Now, I have learned to walk with pain, and I can do basic household chores as long as I rest. I have many sleepless nights because of the pain. My sisters tell me to get on with my life, but they don't seem to see the pain I am constantly in. I have a friend who has peripheal neuropathy she is diabetic, and recieved disability immediately. Have I been wrongly diagnosed as not having diabetes, when so many of my symptoms seem to point to that. Am I just wasting my time since I am no longer productive in our society? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • Tell that doctor you want a thyroid test...well..this is a fine mess. Are you sure it's not all a dream??? And not a good one...
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  • It is not a dream, it is a nightmare and I can relate. Please go to the "I cannot get a diagnosis" forum and read the threads there. "Want Answers, Read Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a good place to start...follow the links...especially hummingbird. When on this site, read medical facts, symptoms page The Truth about CFS/METhe Truth About the TruthCFS/ME/Morgellons?Alzheimer's There is a lot of information in these threads to help you. Peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disk disease ect...there is an underlying cause to these symptoms that doctors use as a diagnosis. There is a bigger picture. Hope you are well...mommy cat
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  • Bilateral progressive neuropathy is an important b12 deficiency symptom. So are most of your other symptoms. You might consider looking at the b12 is difficult to diagnose thread. On page 42 is a reasonably complete list of symptoms. See how many you actually have including those that the docs have been ignoring for years. Good luck.
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  • very true regarding the B12 deficiency. Problem with that is, what caused you to be deficient of B12. There is an underlying cause for many diseases and symptoms. That cause is mycoplasma. Hope this helps.Be well...mommy cat
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  • Hi Mommycat, One needs to take the methylb12 supplements to stop further damage and to heal that which is there. A very common cause of b12 deficiencies is poor absorbtion for any of a large number of possible causes including reduced acid, gastric surgery, lack of sufficient intrinsic factor and a whole lot more. If one takes sublingual the absorbtion appears in the neighborhood of 5% and bypasses the entire problematic digestive system. Much digestive system inflamation can be caused by methylb12 deficiency. For a LOT of people the cause is genetic. Direction of causality in the mycoplasm incidence is not established. As methylb12 deficiency itself causes most of the listed problems, and with cofactors, corrects most of them, including immune system problems, it may be that the methylb12 deficiency itself damages the nerves and immune system making it vulnerable to the mycoplasm.
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