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SLE or mysterious "syndrom" (affecting cns,mental health,skin,hair and nails)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 18, 2009
  • 11:27 AM

Hello I am 22 and female and have some strange conditions, which some of them I have since birth or childhood and some have appeared mainly the last few years.

Lets start:

-brain metabolism problems like adhd,anxieties,bizarre, interests,euphoria,emotionality,rapid changes in energy levels,insomnia and disturbed sleep rhytm (falling asleep late) since childhood.

-sleep apnea,bizarre dreams,waking-up nightmares and strange pictures in head before falling asleep

-for some years also sometimes strange thoughts or short paranoid thougts occur (but which i know they are morbid) and depressive episodes,sometimes very abruptly and without reason lasting for hours or days and ending also abruptly or short time personality changes.
Nobody in my family has a history of mental illness and my childhood had been very beautiful without traumatic incidents.

-dark pink fingernails (no fungus) with rapid growing nails and often skin roots under them.Also fingers of the right hand looking kind of different than that of the left since child days.
-Increased hair growth between left forehead and ear,thick eyebrows,almost growing together,more hair on underarms and lower feet for a very long time now.
But normal hair growth on the other body parts.
-reddish cheeks and forehead is darker

-for two years now often small pink papules (pustules) on arms and hands and sometimes feet in summer,itching,mildly burning or asymptomatic.They last hours to days.
Little pigment patches and scars after summer on parts of the body where the pustules often occured and increased skin fragility (hurting when shaving feet,contact dermatitis (also pustules) on hands and arms.
-dry bloody lips in summer (but also winter)
-sunburns more easily on face but not generally sensitive to sunburn itself in generally.

-reactive hypoglycemia occuring from time to time for three years now

-sometimes obstipation

-mild electrolyte imbalances but not serious (on some days going to toilet very often on others mild urinary retention, but most of the time normal).
Kidneys are healthy.

-central nervous disturbances (now for some years) resulting in unexplained nervousness,nausea,rapid heart beat,sometimes also low to moderate hypertension,dizziness,panic,strange thoughts and convulsion-like feelings (strange feeling in head,everything seems so intense), muscle weekness,short breath,troubles swallowing and short changes in conscioussness,sometimes also feeling like dying soon...
When taking new psychopharmic drugs (even in very low doses and as a single medication) these central nervous reactions appear one to three times a day the first days taking them) and last between half an hour and one hour.
Apart from then there is nausea (feeling like it but withouth burping),psychological/behaviour changes and disturbances and some migraines chronically the first days when taking psy drugs.

But central nervous reactions are sometimes also present withouth drug taking over some days and some short reactions even to caffeine and cigarettes.

Liver and kidney function tests were okey,thyroid and adrenal gland also nothing pathological,no diabetes etc....
I am a rather small person (5.4 feet) and my weight is 104 pounds,there are also no great weight changes up or down, so my constitution is healthy.

So because of the skin problems (mild photosensitivy) I think of kind of early onset mild and slowly progressing lupus erythematodes with CNS involvement or some inborn mild "syndrome".
(One of my best friends has Turners syndrome for example...)

Any ideas?

Thank you :)

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