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skin mites

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 6, 2011
  • 01:02 PM

I am very worried as I have head and body itches for 13 weeks. First came small red marks on my skin then it would get a black dot in the middle, when this dot came off it would bleed profusely, at the same time I was experiencing bytes that felt like pin *****s all over my body. I think the dots were dried blood as when touched the black dots, little insect came out. I started to find these black dots all over the house in the cupboard even on the ceiling, I know this sounds bazzare but this is just how it happened. At the same time my head was itching so much it drove me crazy. After a month as the doctors would take no noticed (I think they thought I was just paranoid) I had the house bomed with Chemicals, the skin problem eased a little and am now able to kill the few black 'things' with a mortien based spray, I felt only occasional outbreaks. But then my head started to itch and small grub like things dropped out and at times small insects, these looked like tiny flys. I have been to two doctors and one Dermatologist I find it very scary. I think I caught this from my sister who visited me from the eastern states as she has the same problem. She has gone home and a friend of hers has now got the same problem. Am I spreading this contageous thing. The Dermatolagist has sent samples of grubs and flies to pathology. I still think he does not believe me. Please any suggetion will help me.

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  • Hi, a lot of people are now saying that they have these symptoms.Some are getting no help from their doctors, in many instances, dermatologists are not very helpful. Your symptoms, like a lot of these people's, sound like cutaneous myiasis. People are also reporting that their cats and dogs and horses have similar symptoms. A punch biopsy may be helpful to identify what is in your skin. A PCR test can identify the DNA of whatever this is, and is more specific, if microscope analysis does not ed to identification of this organism.If this started with an insect bite or arthropod bite (flea, etc), some blood tests may also be helpful. Bartonella, Lyme, babesia, rickettesial disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc. Good luck.With the number of people now talking about these symptoms, I expect this thread to grow in quick time.
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  • All of that except the tiny flies part (but obviously not looking like tiny flies to the dermatologist etc or else they would be paying more attention) sounds like possible Morgellons. In Morgellons some of them experience black specks.. which may end up all over the house. Morgellons seems also contagious. Check out http://www.cdc.gov/unexplaineddermopathy/ . Due to a public outcry years ago cause Morgellons wasnt being studied at all, the CDC said they would study it and then put that on their website. (I personally believe they've said they will do that just to look like they are doing something due to all the people complaining about it but suspect they actually arent doing a thing about Morgellons and not doing much at all to look into it). I had this myself for a while but it manifested differently in my own case to what you describe (it can appear in different ways). Its very very hard to completely get rid of but I did with daily 4 hr salt (1kg of salt) and bicarb. (250g) baths (which I did for over 9mths) and using a whole heap of other stuff parasites dont like eg white sage smudging, rubbing lavender oil on my skin etc etc Then one day all this stuff (which I wont describe thou I have at this site before, it sounds too weird) all came out of my skin and then the issue was all gone when that cleared. I'd obviously managed to kill whatever was in me and was making all the stuff which made my body feel like it had things crawling all over and throu it and making me itchy. Take care if using things toxic to humans as this illness in some (it can coexist with ME/CFS) so a subgroup with it are ones who are seriously ill with other physical illness. This makes me suspect it takes advantage of possibly a not normal immune system or a run down system or something.. so you dont want to be poisoning yourself while trying to get rid of it.
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