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Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis at VA Hospital

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  • Posted By: RedEagle7
  • February 6, 2007
  • 01:50 PM

There are two medical problems which I wish to seek advice and possible remedial solutions for. I will relate the most recent situation first, as it is the most important to me at this time.

In October of 2005, after several weeks of discomfort and ever increasing painful symptoms, I sought to establish a cause as well as document what I still believe to be the result of unusually high EMF exposure at the place of my employment. I went to the Bay Pines Veterans Medical Center in Tampa, Florida to get an evaluation by their medical staff of professionals.
First, I wish to comment on my apparent hypersensitivity to EMF radiation given off by cell phones, CRT terminals, and mobil phone base stations. I can actually "feel" a temporal, and ocular discomfort when near someone who is on their cell phone talking. I can sense the proximity of microwave tower relay stations. In high concentrations of cell phone use, or close proximity to a cell microwave tower, I get a tightness in my chest, as well as a sensation of discomfort in the form of "pressure" and throbbing of my frontal cortex, and my eyes. In a vehicle, traveling down the road, I can actually tell who is on a cell phone within a car length or so from my car.

This hypersensitivity was not always the case prior to what I believe was a multiple bombardment of microwave and RF exposure at my job. After I became painfully aware of the discomfort as well as potential permanent damage I might be subjecting myself to, I alerted the management, who were the owners as well, to the problem. I will now describe the physical
aspects and sources of the EMF radiation that I believe were the cause.

This was a small office environment, measuring approximately 20' X 20' in size, which had a few walls in perpendicular locations to isolate 3 areas.
The sources of EMF were from multiple locations, and varied in strength.
A shelf directly behind me, elevated to approximately 5' in height, had 9 separate 2.45gHz mobil base stations, with the remote handsets spread throughout the area at the cubicles of the other 9 employees. Each of the remote handsets were within approximately 10' of the shelf. All of the employees each had their own personal cell phone with them in the "on" mode as well. To compound the saturation of the office with microwave emissions, each employee had at their work station a CRT monitor for the computer they used constantly. CRT is "Cathode Ray Tube", and they were all pretty old, some dating back to the mid 1990's. The phones all operated on the "Vonage" system, not a T-1 hard line.

The company business required constant telephone use for the sales of advertising on it's website. Many of the calls we made out were to foreign countries, requiring the 2.45gHz phones to boost their signal intensity to overcome the other base stations sending competing signals throughout the office simultaneously. Many calls were dropped in mid conversation, as well as voice bleed over to one anothers lines many times. Although I tried to explain the reasons for this mid air call bleed over and switching, the owners were unable to grasp the concept of the interference that the close proximity of the base units to each other was the root cause. They should have been located at each work station to aleviate the competition for signal superiority as it all converged to the shelf of base units. I have learned recently that a base unit will boost it's signal up to 200 times or more to maintain signal integrity.

There were two other distinct contributing factors that served to further exacerbate the situation. One was the location of a former employee's base unit (number 10) on my desk, where he used to sit. He had been replaced by the top producer of sales in the company, namely me! Now his location was directly behind me, approximately 12' feet away, and his base unit was next to my computer monitor, a CRT. I was getting his calls on my remote phone through my base unit (located on the shelf), behind me! Management did respond to my attempts to get them to change the phone system, even though I demonstrated the extremely high EMF interference with a transistor AM radio, utilized as a RF device in front of my monitor.

With 8 girls getting 2 or 3 calls per day on their cell phones, all the mobil base units vying for increased signal integrity, the CRT monitors putting out EMR, and a coffee addict making instant coffee with the micorwave 7' away from me 5 times a day, I felt the actual "heat" and eye discomfort on my face to the point of having to get up from my desk, and go out to the hall for relief several times a day. I actually developed a facial lesion near my nose from the extreme emissions heating up my face and eyes. I have have learned that this is called "SAR", or Specific Absorbtion Rate.

Now, to the point of all of this long winded information that I have felt would be necessary for anyone to fully grasp the danger of this type of Electromagnetic Radio Frequency Radiation, which saturated all of us in this office. I forgot to mention the two secretaries, and the owner, who all had cell phones, and their own 2.45gHz mobil base/remotes within 5', on the other side of an interior office wall.

For the uninformed, Microwave and RF signals penetrate steel, concrete, drywall, and glass with very little signal interuption or degradation. People are fully and easily saturated, with the skull providing a minimal amount of protection to the brain. A base/handset 2.45gHz phone puts out the same frequency as a Microwave Oven. I no longer use one myself, and NEVER use a cell phone.

I had been blasted with minute particles of hand grenade shrapnel while I was a Marine in Vietnam. The more extensive wounds that I recieved in combat earned me a purple heart and a service connected disability. It was the minute steel fragments that "heated up" and became irritated by the emissions that passed through me, bounced back from my CRT monitor and the other employee's base unit, right into my face! I actually felt the heat, and tightness in my chest, causing my heart to beat erratically. It seemed to get worse each day in a much shorter periods of time, with a decrease in discomfort and pain after a few hours away from my office space. One day, after about 3 weeks at that location, it got really bad in less than an hour after I started, and that is when I got up and walked out of the office, never to return again! I was miserable and in pain.

I had a friend drive me the 150 miles to Bay Pines Veterans Medical Center the next day, and checked in for emergency evaluation. During the night, my left eye had developed the propensity to drift about 35degrees to the left, with increasing pain and pressure on my eyeball. It was swollen and drooping, not able to focus. My chest was tight, my heart seemed to be constricted and not beating steadily, with a general feeling of fatigue and throbbing headaches fluctuating in "waves" of discomfort. A cell phone near me caused immediate pain when activated by the relay tower. I had a painful ride to the facility, as there were several microwave towers on the route on I-75.

Now, here is the MISDIAGNOSIS aspect of the whole ordeal. The VA PCP,(Primary Care Provider), a Doctor G...........N, misdiagnosed the lesion on my face as "Carcinoma Lymphoma", and sent me to dermatology to get a biopsy. The MA (Medical Assistant), despite the same information that I gave the "Doctor", disregarded my protests that the bumpy lesion was the result of EMR saturation, and cut out a deep 4mm "punch" biopsy and then she sutured up the huge hole next to my nose, just above my lip with 5-0 Ethelion, which does NOT dissolve.

After a week, I got a call from the MA who did the biopsy, telling me that I was right, and there was no sign of skin cancer. I was instructed that I must have the sutures removed by a health care MA at the Ft. Myers Outpatient Clinic, and although I have done suturing on horses, dogs and once on myself, they would not allow me to remove the two near my nose myself. I wanted to comply for documentation reasons, and went to the clinic. Two female MA's then used hemostats that were unsterilized on a table, took hold of the knots (both knots simultaneously), and pulled them at least 1/2" away from my face, causing me to bleed. The second female MA fumbled with the scissors, and inadvertently cut both the knots at the same time, which left me with both the sutures still in my bleeding face, imbedded in deeply, and out of their reach. I got up quickly, went over to a mirror, saw what they had done, and told them what I thought of their inefficacy, then I left, sorry that I had ever went there! I am left with an unsightly hole with a bump from the suture I couldn't get out, next to it. I did manage to get one of the two out with my ultra fine point surgical tweezers. I have since declined to go to the Primary Care Doctor scheduled appointment on the notice sent me in the mail, as I have had enough of the VA's patronization and general disregard of the true aspects of this, and of other past medical problems. They are bordering on gross negligence, incompetence and disregard for what a Veteran tells them his complaint is. I could go on about two other occasions which had similar medical malfunctions, but I'm sure you don't want to hear any more on the miserable way your tax dollars are being spent on this dysfunctional system. Hey, it only took them from 1966 to 1992 to approve a lousy 10% disability for one gunshot wound through my right leg, and a 28" long shrapnel wound with a 5" diameter hole behind my right knee, leading up to my hip!
They said they had lost all my records pertaining to my combat wounds!
That's all for now folks! Support the troops, not those who send them!
Semper Fi
Red Eagle7

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  • Dear Eagle,I am sorry that you are faced with so many problems.I also believe that most of you problems are radiation-related. A medical technique for removal of fragments of iron objects exists, and schrapnel pieces may be removed from your body in this way. Unfortunatelly, it is not used in the United States at this moment, so if you would like to undergo removal of scrapnel pieces in this way, you should go to Europe.Yours very trulyskazicskazic@yahoo.com
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 11, 2007
    • 04:13 PM
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