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Severe Testicular Pain

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  • July 26, 2007
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Approx 6 years ago I had a vasectomy, I was given the choice (on the NHS) of having a local or general aneasthetic, So being the hard macho figure of a male that I am, I ran straight for the hills and opted for a general.
I was off work for a week, it was agony. I went for a check up after 3 months, when the sperm samples showed negative. The doctor examined me said thats fine and started to walk off, I told him I was still in quite a lot of discomfort, was this normal, yes yes he said and went into the next room. About a month or two later I ended up in A and E in excruciating pain. I was see by the urologist who diagnosed Epididimo-Orchitis, I was blasted with morphine and antibiotics. The painkillers were reducedover 4 or 5 days to kapake, and I was sent home. Over the next 6 years I have been admitted over 23 times with severe testicular pain. I have had 4 surgical proceedures carried out, including Epididyectomy on both my left side and my right. Although the left side is by far the worst. I have now been told that they cannot cure the pain, only control it. so I take Oramorph (liquid morphine) and tramadol to control the pain. I have sat here with vials of morphine and seriously considered taking the lot, I am at my wits end.

The damage this has caused is unreal, I have lost it with my wife and the kids ( I have 2 boys), I cant play with them, I have lost my job, my self respect, its only the thought of my wife and children keeping me going.
I begged the to cut my testis off, but they said this would not help, I would still be left with the pain and not able to produce hormones. I can't walk properly, my life has gone.
What makes it harder is everyone saying I had it done and was back at work the day after. the urologist said this sort of thing can happen with a visectomy.
No one said this when I was having the snip, oh it's safe, no side effects, no problems. They are having a laugh.
I know better. I have yet to meet anyone with the same problems. In America it's called Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome I was told once. HELP what can I do? Do I really have to look forward too 20 or 30 more years of this ***l, constantly feeling like I have just been kicked in the balls by a horse? Sounds funny does'nt it? it not

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  • Hi sweetie, sorry about all your trouble. I think you should see another surgeon who specializes in surgeries like this, if possible...and I think you need a good attorney. There may have been some malpractice. I don't think you are suppose to feel pain at 3 months and the doctor disregarded you. You have a year to see a lawyer but a lifetime to find the doctor to help you...and I think you will. In the meantime, can you try acupuncture (oh...not where it hurts--probably in your leg)...
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  • Thanks for that Monsterlove. I do have a Solicitor on the case, but he says medical negligence is notoriously hard to prove. The last time I was in hospital I saw a pain nurse, the pain is in my testis, it goes into my hip on the left, down the inside of my left leg and through into my back.The Pain nurse said it was nerve damage? I have had injections into my groin something called a femeral block. I was'nt sure is that worked or is was just a lull in the pain. To be honest I dont think I want more surgery, over the years I have piled weight on due to inactivity. which puts me more at risk, when I had the epididiectomies done I was told that is was less that a 50/50 chance of it working, I was desparate at that time, I suppose i still am, but I dont think I can take anymore of all that hoping then being crushed again. I did not sleep again last night. I had 60mg of Oramorph through the night 6 x 10mg in 5ml vials. trouble with morphine is you have to periodically up the dose to get the same effect. would kill for a good nights sleep. I am on anti-depressants and diazapam to help me relax. but if pain is keeping you awake nothing short of a general aneasthetic will put you out. I have recently had an isotope scan to rule out ony ortho problems. Is it true that there is a side effect to a vasectomy called Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome, in this country I am just labled as have Chronic Testicular Pain. if that is the case How come your not warned or made aware of this at the outset. My Vasectomy was carried out by a General Surgeon not a Urologist. When I saw him for the first time is went as follows, How many children have you got? Are you sure your family is complete? (I had no choice my wife is diabetic, and our second son was 12lbs at birth, My wife was told not to have anymore children as the next would be even bigger therefore putting here life at risk.) You should view a vasectomy as irreversable. 1 in 20,000 can reverse themselves. Would you like A local or General Aneasthetic? You realise there are risks with a general anesthetic? Thank you see you in a coulple of weeks, in the meantime you will need to attend a Pre-Op clinic. thank you good bye. Not one word of side effects.
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  • It's a mess, huh?? Wow...I know doctors don't like to testify against each other, but I think you just want to be out of pain. I think you need to look for one of the best in the country.....I'm not sure but it doesn't sound like it could get worse and maybe you will find someone who could be more specific, like, "ah...hey, he clipped a little too much"....try some acupuncture and bio-feedback in the meantime...
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  • I have a similar problem but not caused through the snip. I am not sure what caused it, however if you have moved on since your post, please let me know what it was. below is my medical diary. ----------------------Middle of April 2008 I was STD tested and was advised that it was highly unlikely that the tests would be positive as I had not had any UTI symptoms or discharge. The initial test in the sexual health clinic was negative. Three weeks later I was given the all clear on the STD front. My Penis was still sore at this point and the doctor at the SHC had no idea what it may be. By early May I was getting the occasional light pain in my right testicle, occasional lower pack pain that wore off quite quickly, pain in the groin area and still had a sore penis. Early May I visited my own GP who examined me and could not find anything wrong. He requested I re-visit the SHC. I made an appointment for a few days later by which time the testicle pain had become a little worse. The doctor at the SHC still wasn’t sure what the problem was although he examined me fully and took a urine test for further STD testing. He was not concerned by the pain in my testicle as it was still reasonably mild. Within a few days the pain in my right testicle became quite severe. I then went abroad on holiday for a few weeks and the symptoms by the end of the holiday were almost gone .I returned from holiday and worked for a few days before attending my appointment at the SHC on 05/06/08. Within the two working days the symptoms became much worse and my right testicle was very painful. I was examined and the doctor told me he thought I had Epididymitis but was confused that I was not suffering any UTI symptoms and still didn’t know why I had a sore penis head.. The results for the STD testing once again were negative. I was put on a course of Doxysycline (200mg a day for two weeks). The doctor took a further urine sample and told me he was going to ask the lab to look for absolutely anything and to see what they could grow. The first week after the above visit to the SHC the pain became quite unbearable. I could not work any longer and the pain was stopping me from getting comfortable or sleeping. I visited my own GP who put me on a weeks course of Naprosyn anti-inflammatory drugs and advised I took Paracetamol to help the pain. The combination of these two drugs and the two weeks rest helped the symptoms but did not eliminate them. On the 19/06/08 I revisited the SHC once more. I was given a 7 day supply of Metronidazole and a 14 day supply of Erthromycin. The last set of tests were all negative.3/7/08. Visited SHC. The drugs I was given had no effect on the symptoms. I was told I would be referred for an urgent scan and an appointment with a urologist. W.C 27/07/08 The doctor prescribed Dicloflex to help with the pain and I was advised to top these up with paracetemol . These drugs had little effect on the pain. 14/08/08 Was prescribed Ciprofloxacin on a two week course. Was also prescribed Solpadol 30/500 for the pain. The Ciprofloxacin didn’t appear to have worked, however the Solpadol are helping with the pain although the side effects were horrible.18/08/08 Had an ultrasound scan on testes and kidneys and was told that everything appeared OK.CURRENT SYMPTOMS AS OF 20081) Very painful right testicle (upper).2) Occasional lower back pain3) Occasional lower abdominal pain4) Occasional soreness and sensitive penal glandsBeginning of September had an appointment with Urologist. I was told that I may have damaged some nerves and there was nothing other than removing the nerves that could be done. 1/4/09 Visited urologist at Saxon clinic and was told I needed unilateral epididmectomy. I was told that this should happen within 12 weeks, I would need 3 weeks off work and there is a 50% success rate, although there was a further risk of 4% that the operation may work but my brain will not accept it. .Shortly after this appointment I was getting pain in the left side. Received a call from MK hospital wc13/04/09 telling me I had to attend an appointment on 24/04/09 with the urologists as this was required for an operation on the NHS.24/4/09 I visited urologist at the MK hospital. He listed me as an urgent case and I underwent all the pre-op tests. I was told that if the operation doesn't work the next step is the removal of the testicles. He also told me that due to the pain in my left testicle I would require a bilateral epidimectomy. I discussed with urologist the likely cause of my condition and was told that the heavy lifting I do may have caused urine to travel into my epididymis and thus cause a chronic non bacterial infection.Phoned 27th April and been given a date of 11th May for operation. Had operation on 11/05/09, they also drained a small hydrocele.. Visually I was unprepared for what was to come and I have taken a picture for the record. I am now to take three weeks off for convalescence which will be followed by a two week holiday.22/05/09 The bruising has almost gone, however the pain is still very bad and my testicles are still quite swollen.27/05/09 The testicles are still swollen although the pain is starting to subside. The wound from the incision is still bleeding and very sore.28/05/09 Was prescribed antibiotics ((flucloxacillin) as incision had become septic. By the beginning of July the pain had become quite severe. The doctor prescribed a two week course of Cipro on the off chance it may help. After 6 days the tendons in my right arm were very painful. According to the web site tendon damage may be caused to the drug, so I stopped taking it immediately. 19/08/09 – Visited another urologist . He appeared a little disinterested and is arranging for me to go to the pain clinic. After righting directly to the first urologist I was given an appointment for the urology dept at the hospital on 14/10/09. I sore the second urologist who told me it was a mistake that I was given the appointment and sent me away.3/11/09 I visited the pain clinic. After an examination surrounding the area the docotor has put me forward of a course of acupuncture and also a procedure where steroids will be injected into the nerves surrounding the testicles. I have been told the waiting list is about 3 months. I was surprised by this as the examination did indicate anything abnormal around the effected area.
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    • November 15, 2009
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  • I have a similar problem but not caused through the snip. I am not sure what caused it, however if you have moved on since your post, please let me know what it was. below is my medical diary. this is all just to awful to imagine, how have you gone in the last 12mths with this issue
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    • November 19, 2010
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