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severe menstral bleeding

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  • April 7, 2008
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My daughter is 16 years old. Last year in May I started taking her to the drs because she was complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I brought her to the drs and they started looking at asthma issues. "Try this inhaler and bring her back in 2 weeks".....so I did. Two weeks later..."Well, try this other inhaler and come back in two weeks". I kept asking.."But why is her heart pounding so ?"...I was confused and unsure, but hey...what the heck do I know. We did that all summer long...every two weeks we'd try another inhaler.
Her symptoms were....heart palpitations, dizzyness, shortness of breath, difficulty standing sometimes especially when we went shopping..she'd ask to go sit down somewhere. But...she wasn't like this all the time...it would come and go and I just couldn't figure it out. I'd been taking her to the dr and he didn't seem too concerned...I thought..."well, maybe it's a hormonal thing"
Long story short....last August...1st day of school and she's feeling so so. I tell her to give it a shot....if she feels she can't do it give me a call and I'll come pick her right up. She made it to 2nd period and went to the nurse when she couldn't bring herself to climb the stairs. I took her right to the dr and he FINALLY decides to do a blood test !!
We get a call at 9pm that night....."Take her to the hospital NOW !!"......so off we go.........turns out her blood count is down to "4.5" !!!! Normal for her age is 12 or 13 ! She had been bleeding to death ! Now......she hadn't been looking THAT sick ! REally !! in fact she had been laughing and joking around with me and up and walking around...though, she had been starting to look a bit pale.
She was in the hospital for 5 days and got 5 units of blood....they were giving her estrogen intovenusly but she only stopped bleeding after they gave her something they give to Von Willibrand patients to stop bleeing. Needless to say, we switched drs. We still don't have a diagnosis...though they are looking at Von Willibrands. It turns out she had been having heavy periods since she started having them...sometimes they wouldn't stop and would run right into the next cycle......SHE NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME !! I would ask her on occassion..."Are things going ok with your periods" and I'd get the "yeah yeah...now go away and stop asking me about that" response. The heart palpatations she was having were caused by her not having enough blood in her system.....the nurse at the hospital told me that when folks who bleed out from accidents come in with numbers like that they're in a coma....her body was dealing with it so well only because it was a gradual thing and she had adjusted over time....but at any time she could have gone to sleep and just not woken up again !! That's how bad she was. I think if I hadn't taken her to the dr when I did...that may have happened...very scary ! REmember...I had been taking her to the dr every 2 weeks ALL SUMMER LONG.....asking about the symptoms she had been having..trying to figure out what was going on....and he kept giving us inhalers. It was confusing because she would say that they seemed to help and it was easier for her to breath when she took them so he'd give her a different one and have her try that. They did do one of those finger ****k test for anemia and it told them she was a bit low..but..."that's normal for girls her age" was the answer I got to that.
Question your drs and don't trust them to know what they're doing.....I kept putting off my feelings of unease because I didn't want there to be anything wrong and kept hoping that all it was was asthma...though I had been concerned about the heart thing..but every time I asked they would pass it off as maybe anxiety or something.
We're still trying to pin down a diagnosis...apparently Von Willibrands is hard to nail because so many things can effect the tests. They also tested her platelets to see if they 'worked' right...that test came back fine.
This is a long post...and there's so much more I haven't written......in hindsight I see things I should have seen and jumped on but didn't. From now on I'm not taking a drs word for anything.....and I'm going to listen to my "inner voice" alot more seriously and ask more pointed and informed questions.....and expect answers !

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  • acupuncture does wonders for heavy menstral bleeding...glad she's doing better.
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