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Severe Leg Pain

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  • Posted By: Belinda
  • April 3, 2007
  • 09:39 AM

I am a 40 yr old female who suffers from terrible leg pain.
There are times when my back hurts also but not always.
The pain is in both legs,it feels as if something is eating at my bones.
Its in both legs all day everyday.
This all started in 1996.
I have been to so many different Drs its not even funny.
I have had x-rays after x-rays, a dozen MRI'S.
spinal blocks and epidurals (pretty sure that I didnt spell that right).
I have been on many different intidepresents,antiinflamitorys,
all the RLS meds and neurontin.
Nothing works and now all the Drs are looking at me like I'm a drug seeker
Because norco 10 is the only thing I have found so far that takes the
edge off even a little bit.
I am at my wits end here.There are times when I honestly feel like I want
to just cut them off.
God knows life couldnt be much worse.
And yes I have had tons and tons of blood work done
and everything comes back normal.
I also now have severe drainage from both eyes.
It is nasty, I always feel as if I have a hair or sand grains in both my eyes.
The only way to get it out is to pull down my lower eye lid and put my finger in my eye and pull this nasty stuff out.
It's real stringy and feels like a spider web.
I have been to alot of eye docters and they all say it's dry eye
but not eye drops work one of the eye intibiotics work and the only oral intibiotic that did work was cipro but when the medication was gone the
discharge came right back in full force.
So if there is any one who has any close to my symptoms I am all ears.
:confused: :eek:

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  • I had sever pain in my hands for years and I have been just off for the past few years...not enough for anything Dr could find but I know my body and when it don't feel right...well a year ago I went to a Endocrinologist (sorry not sure how to spell it) and found out I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I was put on 50,000 iu of vit D once a week for 6 weeks and low and behold my hands that hurt so bad I couldn't even hold on to anything now were fine I have had a relaps and come to find out that I have a malabsorbtion problem that causes the vit D dificency. Have you ever had that checked out? Well I hope you find out what it is soon. Good luck
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  • I have seen many many many docters indocrynology being one of them.I was given some vitamin d pills and no surprise that didnt work either.However she did find a large large mass in my left addrenal gland, but was told that would have nothing to do with the pain in my legs.Or the goop in my eyes. So I'll just keep searching for awnsers and hopefully we will all one day stumble upon the resasons for what gives us all so much grief...
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  • Have you tried acupuncture or chiropractic? Acupuncture would be very helpful I think. Concerning your eyes, I would recommen washing them twice a day with baby shampoo. Also, please get an eye cup and some green tea (or if you can find something called kukicha or twig tea this is better) and use this as an eyewash. This is very soothing and the tea has antimicrobial properties if used topically. Best wishesDOM
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  • I have seen many many many docters indocrynology being one of them.I was given some vitamin d pills and no surprise that didnt work either.However she did find a large large mass in my left addrenal gland, but was told that would have nothing to do with the pain in my legs.Or the goop in my eyes. So I'll just keep searching for awnsers and hopefully we will all one day stumble upon the resasons for what gives us all so much grief...I too had a mass in my right addrenal gland I had it removed almost two years ago. It was 4.9 cm....it turned out to be just a cyst but I was told that it had to come out before it hit 5cm. because it would be considered cancer at that point. They watched mine grow from less then 1cm to 4.9cm in two years. I suffered many symptoms before the surgery that they too told me was not related but somehow after the surgery them symptoms disapeared....hmmmm I think it had everything to do with the mass. I now am monitored for the left addrenal gland but so far so good it is holding its own. I would have it removed and see if it makes any diffrence. the sugury itself was fine minimal pain. I could take tylenol for the pain. But I am glad I had it done. I had relief from a headache that I had for three years.....now I don't get them anymore. Hmmm.. I would look into it and see...How big was the mass they found and do you have any problems with your blood presure at all? Thats one of the signs of adrenal failure along with low potassium.
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  • I havent had the mass checked since 2002.I think then it was 4.7..cm. I quit going because I just got so sick of Drs.Everyone of them looked at me like I ws a big time drug seeker,and I just got tired of it.Did you gain weight n your belly erea? or get the buffalo hump as they call it? I'm one of the lucky ones who got every side affect and then some that goes along with the mass.Did you ever have leg pain before you had yours removed?aAny thing you can tell me, I would be gratefull..
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  • Have you done any reserch on addisons disease....you have all the symptoms of it.. My symptoms before surgery were. very weak and fatigued, headache, vision changes, stomach upset all the time. I felt like I had morning sickness for 3 years. Heartburn constantly, weight gain in my upper stomach that I have never had before, Just felt like crap all the time. And an aversion to salt. I use to love salt before and use it on everything. then all of a sudden I could taste salt in everything as if someone put salt even in my butter...it was nasty. That passed before I had sugery. After surgery I felt great...Headache was now gone for the first time in 3 years. My eyes didn't hurt anymore and my vison was great. I felt my old self...and wow I lost 25 lbs...but unfortunately it didnt last long about 6 months later the symtoms slowly came back, started with fatigue and just not feeling right. I wasn't sure but thought well it was better then how I did feel before. and now in the last 6 months I have started with kiddney stones, fatigue so bad, memory problems, consentration problems, LEG PAIN started in my ankle and worked its way up my leg I thougth for sure I had a blood clot. it felt brused but it wasn't..numbness in my hands and feet now my mouth, heart palpatations and anxiety to boot. I have been a mess the last few weeks I have seen every dr and I was told its anxiety and thats it. I seen a cardioligist and he said that yes something was causing my heart issues but it wasn't due to my heart being bad. BP was now up to 149/96 and mine is usually 90/70 The pain subsided when they found I had a low potassium level and started to come back up the pain got better the anxiety got better and the heart palpatations are getting better...But dispite my drinking power aid 64oz daily and another 64oz of watter each day I am still dehydrated. So yesterday went into general dr and he ran some more test and will see He too thinks its my other adrenal gland failing. Not good but it is liveable with some lifestyle changes. Have you seen an endocrynologist...Sorry bout the spelling not really great at it..lol. anyway they need to do a cortisol tesst and check your tsh Free T3 and T4. potassium and sodium levels...Please don't give up on it if your dr don't do the test then move to the next dr you will eventually find a dr that will listen. ( I must add that it is most Important that you ask for your test results...not just hear then say ohh well they are in nomal range...becasue what is normal for one my not be for you...such as my potassium..I had the test run and I was told it was normal and come to find out it was 3.2 normal being 3.5-5.0 and although it was only slightly low...my normal is 4.5 has been for years never wavered from that until now always ask for a copy of your results. Because a lot of dr's will say it is only slightly elevated or just below normal and that is not normal.) have been to so many dr that said yes you have a mass but it don't mean anything...till one day I was in to see my Breast dr who is a general surgen and she asked me how I was and I told her the whole story because I was so frustrated and she then refered me to another surgen who actually did his residency on addrenal issues...he took me in and did everything...Mine was not an active tumor but it sure sounds like yours is...This time however I think mine is active I know I have a mass on my left adrenal gland but it was so small they were just watching to see what would happen...I have read so much about this I just wanted to be preparted in case I ended up having my other adrenal gland remove. You really need to look into it. I would be glad to find some info for you if you would like. Addrenal failure is commonly misdiagnosed or has taken on average 10 years to see full affects of it...It can come on suddenly or take a long time to fail. and if you go into complete failure it can be life threatening. If you would like you can email me at Tehuber4@aol.com I Really hope you find out whats going on. It isn't easy being sick and tired all the time. Dr's look at you like you are nuts...but you know your body better then anyone. Don't give up!! Please keep me posted on how your doing. God Bless and I will pray for you to find your answers soon.
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  • I just found a web site you should really read it is http://endocrine.niddk.nih.gov/pubs/addison/addison.htm#symptoms it talks about severe back and leg pain. Its very informative.. Please check it out.
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