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Severe Anklepain for 3 years,im only 23(pics incl) story

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  • Posted By: Pearse-anklepain
  • September 14, 2010
  • 01:46 PM

Anklepain along top of front outer joint(left ankle)

im a healthy 23year old male from N.ireland
i injured my ankle on a cattle grid 3 years ago exactly where
i went over on the ankle both ways (Most common way) then the other way pulling ankle up to the left,not that painfull at the time but next day swollen up like a ballon and in server pain for weeks and not able to wait-bear,for months after injury,muscles in my front lower leg would go into spasm and seize for a couple of days at a time

since then iv had:along top of front outer joint(left ankle)

3 x-rays
2 MRI scans
2 steriod injections
40+ sessions physiotherapy
all sorts of medication
goin to an anethiastist(private pain clinic next week)

x ray brought up nothing broken or fractured in all x rays

2 mri's brought up nothing signicicant at all!!
after the first(2years ago) i got a arthoscopy done and
very small piece of inflamed tissue waz removed,
same pain came back after a week or 2

next mri was only a month ago,brought up nothing, a healthy ankle

2 steroid injections(1year ago) were only giving to point of pain,blind
both i though gave couple of days of relief,unsure

physio was just a real waste of money and time(throughout)

hopeing pain clinic will be able to provide some progress..
what will this involve all?

iv tryed all shorts of medication

ibrufin-no good at all

volsaid retart 75-no good

anti-inflamitory rub in gel-no good

cocodamol-num's the pain

amitriptiline-for nerve pain no good

lyrica-for nerve pain no good

im off work at the moment due to this and cant afford to be ,
too painfull to walk around all day

Pain at moment is dull trobbing heated pain like headache
just above ankle joint on area size of golf ball,
i will upload pictures of affected area later

the pain is worse at night

the area is not swollen or discoloured

i have full power and full movement in the ankle
and pain cant really be increased by touching or any certain movement!!!

but pain is very painfull and stops me in my tracks

since the inury the pain sometimes settles down itself for a few days ever month or 2,very random,serious pain rite now tho,
hasnt settled in 2 months but never completly goes

doctors- dont no whats wrong
ankle consultant/surgeon-dosnt no whats wrong

bluffed me off to pain clinic now to see

some pics below just click on them

any help or advice at all is appriciate





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