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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2007
  • 02:53 AM

I am a 49 yr old female, with re-occuring chronic and mystical symptoms, or at least that is what I have been told. I am seeking some support or maybe some validation that my symptoms are real, because they are to me. 3yrs ago I was feeling some abdominal discomfort, sometimes confusing it with pelvic pain, then it would move to the right side just under my ribs. The most significant of symptoms, was the fatigue. Thought maybe it was the flu, but unlike any I had felt before. The doctor thought we should get a CT/Abd just to rule any pelvic issues out. The call I received later that day was completely unexpected. The CT scan fortunately caught site of the lower lobes of both lungs. (The abdomen by the way was fine) A stat CT/Lung was ordered, which revealed multiple granuloma type nodules throughout both lungs. I in all honesty was not experiencing any lung issues, only the abd/fatigue. Without turning this into a medical biography, I ended up having a left thoracotomy, so the surgeon could obtain a large section of tissue for pathology. Thoracic surgeon actually argued a little, saying I really did not need to have this invasive of a procedure, but..the pulmonologist had high expectation of miliary t.b, or poss. lung ca. Following the brutal recovery of this procedure, I was started on the T.B Protocol of antibiotics. Issues erupted over time with myself and the arrogance of my pulmonoligist, of which I sought other medical advice. Found a superb M.D. who ordered the tissue be sent to MAYO clinic. Conclusion was "Mycobacterial infection" probable cause"inhalation"- I was relieved to be dismissed from the regiment of 8 pills per day (t.b. course of drugs) but was still left with a dibilatating recovery, and a feeling of "WHY", did I just go through this horror. Time passed, then just over 6 months or so I started feeling similar symptoms. It seems to hit every 3 months, starting with major fatigue, a burning/ache sensation throughout both lungs/back region, then it moves to the right abdomen under the ribs, roof of mouth feels as if sores have developed (no sores) ears feel full, right side especially. May have sinus headache, (no drainage) Achey through the kidney's (no urinary issues)- No change in appetite. No weight loss. Wake up every morning with wet hair above my neck. Not complete body sweats, but head area. One evening I experienced excruciating pain at the top of my spine, (neck) it would not go away no matter how much pressure or massage I applied. Each one of these symptoms I have listed intermittently happen. Never do I have all at one time. One notiable symptom that is somewhat persistent however is pleuritic chest discomfort. No productive cought, just occasional dry cough. I will add...my physician is baffled as to why my white count goes up. Last was 13.8- cause, bacterial infection, but she was unsure as to where it developed. Today I am symptom free. Tomorrow could be the start of it all again. I guess I am seeking not only advice, but maybe support in the event someone else out there has experienced a similar smorgasbord of symptoms. Thank you for your time in reviewing this long winded post. KimC

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