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Right Back At Ya!!!!!!!!!

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  • Posted By: EmilyMcN
  • May 28, 2007
  • 06:26 AM

Hi Guys,

Ok, so I thought I'd put my two bit in!!! Since everyone else has had a stab at mommy cat......I thought I'd take a stab at it too.....but not to mommy cat, this is a stab at the heartless b**tards who revel in upsetting others. Unfair.

I'm a lover not a fighter....I'm also a scorpio. So needless to say, I can be nasty too.

I just thought I'd give u all an update on my medical situation.

I had been diagnosed with active TB, pneumonia, plus I have chronic asthma and am getting over a bout of the flu. No wonder I have the dr's and even respiratory specialists confused.

Went to the dr's this morning for a follow-up and I ended up in hospital AGAIN!!! The reason why I ended up in hospital was cuz I asked my doctor a simple question.....

That question was...."Have I been tested for ME?"

The dr looked extraordinarily surprised and said "Ah, no."

A trip to the hospital confirmed that, "YES I HAVE 'ME'"

As mommy cat had explained to me once before, I can have one symptom or I can have 100 symptoms, and I can still have ME....see I do listen.

I'm home now just resting, they say CFS is linked to ME. My symptoms are not serious nor are they debillitating, but bottom line is....I do have ME. So....right back at ya.

In saying this, mommy cat has clearly done her job well, a job that has helped me. If my survival is not enough proof that mommy cat knows what she's talking about, and you continue to stab her in the back....then do you guys really care about my well being???

I'm generalising and I know that there are people who really like mommy cat (I being one of them), but for the rest of you who dont like her...."Go back to medical school, there are a few loop-holes in your knowledge that must be repaired."

If you wanna upset mommy cat, you gotta upset me first....GOOD LUCK!!!

I might get banned for writing this, but I dont care....mommy cat and I are in this together.

Em xoxoxoxoxo

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  • What exact test was done to show you have ME ? If there is one I would really like to know so I can use it on some of my patients. Thanks,Ralph
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  • Hi Ralf, Unfortuantely, there was no specific test that they ran. I'm not sure how Australia's medical picture and status is like compared to the status elsewhere in the world. I am just extremely lucky: I have an extremely close relationship with my hospital. They know me by name especially in ER. This is due to years (24yrs) of medical complaints ie. my chronic asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and a range of other symptoms I present to the hospital with. My specialists have consulted with my family dr, seen my family history in detail, obtained records from other hospitals that I have been to. This i how they came to a conclusion. Years of medical tests and not knowing what wa going on finally gave me an answer. As you know, it is not something they can diagnose then and there.
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  • Emily, I know Mommy Cat always meant well, and am glad she helped you. She just got a bit carried away with posting on nearly every site, in my opinion...it's not a question of like or dislike. What are they suggesting for treatment for ME? DOM
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  • Emily, I know Mommy Cat always meant well, and am glad she helped you. She just got a bit carried away with posting on nearly every site, in my opinion...it's not a question of like or dislike. What are they suggesting for treatment for ME? DOMGood question- since I could never get a diagnosis- I don't even know what they would do to the patient with that diagnosis. ****Today I feel a bit tired. I hope this does not mean that my dis-ease is coming back.Aggghh.
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  • How about a great natural doc in Australia ? One of my internet buddies is one. Perhaps I can refer you. This docs knowledge and application of it with patients is extensive. Or try to find an good Doctor of Acupuncture. I am going to disagree with your docs as it seems ME and CFS, with no official tests, seem to be "catch-alls" when the docs are at wits end and do not really know. They also seem to realize that the patient will be pleased with an "official" diagnosis, even if there really is one. Sorry for being so ornery, but I feel all docs should look for true causes. Perhaps I am different because I do.
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  • I'm really not sure what is going on at the moment. Im a pin cushion and a ***n pharmacy. I am glad that i got a diagnosis, regardless of what the diagnosis was and how right or wrong they are about it. I heard that there is no SPECIFIC test for CFS/ME. I thought it just came down to many months and years of patient history. Ill be honest, I really dont care anymore, I have had enough!! I'm not a pin cushion, I'm a successful pre-school teacher who knows psychology. I'm gonna go back to my old life. Everything is gonna be alright, just you wait and see. Em xxx
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  • oh yeh, I didn't add that I had my blood work done and been tested for multiple sclerosis and lupus, all negative. Drs are not finding any real causes for my symptomsEm xxx
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  • I'm not sure if this website is any help but it states an 80% success rate and it's a natural way to tackle fatigue. http://www.beatingtiredness.com/?gclid=CILu7KrMsowCFRuNYAodYTiEJg Well, any help is better than no help I guess. If you want to do a self study report on CFS/ME, I found this. Maybe I just dont know what I'm talking about but im trying. I got this from: http://www.healthrecoveryclinic.com.au/CFS%20test.pdf http://www.healthrecoveryclinic.com.au/new_page_4.htm Also, has anyone heard of an infra-red sauna. They say its for detoxification and relaxation. Just a thought. "Sunlight Saunas® was founded by Jason Lincoln Jeffers after an exhaustive search for a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and mercury toxicity (MT)Sunlight Saunas® was founded by Jason Lincoln Jeffers after an exhaustive search for a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and mercury toxicity (MT)." All humans send and receive Far infrared waves. The range of waves generated by the human body is 6 to 20 microns. The optimal micron output range is between 7 and 14 microns which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule........there you go, there's that water thoery again!!!! This similarity makes sense since our bodies are almost 70% water. This range, sometimes called "Vital Rays" appears to have special regenerative effects on the body. The design allows for better performance well within this vital wave range of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4--which is the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates. This optimal micron output also allows for deeper penetration of far infrared heat. Anyone heard of 'Activive?' Heres a list of Ingredients:Glucosamine sulfateGhatti gumBeta-Glucan 1,3/1,6Arabinogalactan Guar gum Am I on the right track here. Em xxx
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  • I'm a successful pre-school teacher who knows psychology. I'm gonna go back to my old life. Em xxxOld life = the cause of M.E.As I have been telling Mommy Cat - we have to see ourselves as perfect, loving and compassionate human beings regardless of our "success" and academic training. You- as Mommy Cat and I used to do, give yourself value based on an accupation or your accomplishments. You are more than a pre-school teacher; pre-school teacher fails to describe the wonderful person that you are and how you are entitled to health and to understand why you are sick.Has this disease work as a shield from the world/something/ someone for you?Besides all the pain and symptoms- have you experience any "benefits" from being sick? How does this disease serve you?This does not mean that you created your disease or that your dis-ease is imaginary. It is all very painful and real- but your body is trying to tell you something.Best,Fruity.
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  • EM - I highly recommend the far infrareds, especially the sunlight brand. I have used them for about 4 months with excellent results. And have seen a number of others with CFS do really well, too.
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  • Perhaps you've all heard of it, and maybe this is old news. but does anyone know about eliminating and repairing the fatty structure of the bodies cell walls particularly those cells in the brain, gastro-intestinal tract, liver/gall bladder, where toxins such as heavy metals, viruses, parasites, yeast and bad bacteria reside? ??I dunno?? Anyways, the only thing maybe this 'sheild' is saying "Slow down Emily" thats all I can think of.
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  • For parasites- I love Oil of Oregano- you can rub it on the skin (tummy) or take the capsules filled with liquid.For membrane structure I recommend Flax oil and Coconut oil- also vitamin E.To detox- *I love Dandelion root tea, *white vinegar and bentonite clay baths (careful not to clog the plumbing, only use small amounts) or body masks/wraps with the green clay.*Ocassionally I consume Apple Cider Vinegar- there is a book on its medicinal properties.*Vitamin C is great for cellular detox.You may want to muscle test for allergies before you start consuming any remedies.Ciao!ps: Hmm so the 'shield' - you know, Deb Shapiro argues that M.E. patients push and push themselves too hard.In my case, I have to agree with her.
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  • FYI, there are many tests being done with ME/CFS patients from Spect and xenon Spect scans of the brain, to PET scans as well as MRI's looking for small white matter lesions on the frontal lobe, accounting for severe mood swings and emotional overloads.Also, there are countless immune blood tests that are done to determine/refute this as a diagnosis.A Neurologist may start with a simple Romberg's test, initiallyQEEG's are being used...EEG's with software connectedInversion table testing as wellother things to considerIncreased CholesterolDecreased CortisolDecreased TSHDecreased PotassiumIncreased ProlactinThese tests, along with correlation of symptoms, along with no other possible answer=ME/CFSThere are ways of determining this, hence the fact that over 2 million people in USA alone have a definitive diagnosis after many years of being told they all had psychological problems
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  • OK, Unreg I am biting. Some of these tests show lesions - what are the actual causes ? Some of these lesions can have different causes. And please list the blood tests you have mentioned. What are the specific findings ? The inversion table can show brain dysfunction, but again, what is the cause ? Had one patient who was allergic to diet pop that caused her problems with that test. And as for ruling many things out so it must be __________ fill in the blank is not good health care, IMNSHO. Stats I trust from sources say that about 90% of CFS sufferers actually have Lyme - which loves the brain, heart and joints. And Lyme must be tested properly, from Bowen or Igenex labs.
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  • Ralph, Brain lesions...MS/ME/CFS no cause identified, however, researchers have done a study. Of all the MS patients tested, over 90% tested positive for a "Cryptovirus" in their cerebro-spinal fluid. Perhaps similar/same as your "stealth" virus information. Researchers are now beginning to believe that a virus may be to blame for several neurologial disorders worldwide.As far as the blood tests, much is done in way of immunology testing.First, a patient with ME/CFS may have increased number of cytotoxic t-cells.most patients have t-cell activationlow natural killer cell numbersmay be depleted of Stat-1, however, there is no commercial testing available for this.elevated immune complexesabnormal atypical lymphocyte countsignificantly reduced CD8 supressor cellsPopulation and increased activation marker (CD38, HLA-DR) on CD8 cellsAbnormal CD4/CD8 ratioelevations of circulating cytokinesImmunologic defeciencies(most often IgG1 and IgG3)Evidence of antilamin antibodies(antibodies against this protein are proof of autoimmunity and damage to brain cellsESR rate unusually low with a brief period of elevationInsulin levels and glucose tolerance test-glucose tolerance curves are abnormalchemical Stress test or exercising testing is also used.Patients may also haveShortness of breath upon exertionNodular Thyroidnasal passage obstruction and inflammed areas around tonsillar pillars and unusual sensitivity of cervical vertabrae area.I hope this clarifies some questions for you.Glad to help
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  • Unreg - are you a lab tech or what ? And where is most or your knowledge from on this ? I am sure you are aware that Lyme is a bacteria. The presence of virus in the body is often secondary to the presence of the Lyme. There are specific tests for Lyme for Bowen and Igenex labs that are very accurate and don't chase a lot of maybe symptoms to rule out the presence of them and thus arrive at Lyme. The presence of other infectious agents is due to (if the Lyme is primary) the terrain being weakened. These are opportunistic coinfections. And then we can test without chemicals, assessing the energy patterns of the specific infectants to see if they are present. So here the physical presence is not shown (as in some other testing by elimination as above) but the energy pattern will also be there if the particular thing one is testing for is there or has been there in the past. No needles, no blood, no waiting for test results. I realize that you have probably not heard of this but it is ahead of the crowd. A short tale - a friend who has worked with this type of assessment for about 8 years began with a 60 year old man who was very reluctant to give a full history. After a 5 minute search, Donna blurted out "you either do have or have had Legionnaire's Disease." The man looked at her with great concern then said "I was in the first group that went in to clean up that building." He encountered that infectious agent in the mid 1970s and the bug did not really express itself with symptoms in his body until 2003. The big word now used for this type of assessment is is BioImpedance Measurement. Very consistent results with different people testing, and after all, everything is based ultimately on energy.
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  • Or the presence of Lyme bacteria in the body, secondary to a virus?Causing a secondary infection?After virus has broken down/depleted immune system and any chance of fighting the bacteria?Similar to AIDS patients, immune system not functioning to it's highest ability leaves many doors open for bacteria/other viral infections to occur...possible?I am not a lab tech The information I have on this is due to the fact that I suffer it as wellResearch can be very helpful if you know where or learn where to look and how to avoid the garbage information that does exist.The Lyme information seems to correlate somehow
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