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Respect or lack there-of

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  • Posted By: penybobeny
  • August 20, 2007
  • 02:20 PM

I am making this post in the hopes that people will respect the ones that initially make a post.

If that person asks you to please stop insisting that they have a condition, please respect them.

If a person asks politely for you to please stop discussing an alternative treatment plan, please respect them.

I have seen everything while surfing through posts from personal attacks, religious persecution and even gang mentality... this is counter-productive to what the Boards and Threads are supposed to stand for.

Respect other's rights to their own opinion and they will respect yours.

Thank you

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3 Replies:

  • Hello Peny? How do you do today?I apologize on behalf of my friends. I did get your point. You said please no more NAET. I won't make excuses for my friends.As far as the statement on "balance" please don't take it as a personal attack. One of the precepts of Oriental Medicine is that in a body that is working in perfect balance, no sickness can enter.We can't be in perfect balance all the time- it is actually very difficult to be balanced 24/7 because of the chemical exposure, metals in the water, antibiotics, vaccines, genetically modified food, etc, etc. So what I mean is that our balance is not a 'permanent' condition that you can go ahead and have it calibrate it. Health/disease is very dynamic- and if you feel unwell it is because something is going on.This is like this for everyone. The moment you lose your balance, if you eat something or are exposed to some bug- that might throw you off, since you were susceptible. Enough of it.I am sorry, I didn't mean to bug you- I know what it is to be sick, searching for answers and getting all the wrong responses.May you be well.Best,Frui.
    Eatafruit78 960 Replies
    • August 20, 2007
    • 03:01 PM
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  • Frui- Thank you... I know that your posts as well as the others were meant with kind hearts and all the best intentions, and I do respect your rights to your own opinions... I was just beginning to feel like I was being attacked a bit (though I know that was all on me and not on you or others) because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that CFS is not part of my equation... it is like telling someone you stubbed your toe and them insisting you have a brain tumor... because brain tumors could cause you to stumble. I believe fully in the rights of all, be they Christian, Hindu, Buddist or Wiccan... if I cannot respect the rights of others how can I expect any respect directed at me? The same goes for those who seek alternative methods of treatment, after all, NAET seems to be a very multi-cultural and multi-religious way of treating illness. I went to the website and saw many factors that have a direct link to the practices of the "Wise Women" of ancient cultures in how permission of both the conscious mind and subconscious are asked for, as well as not taking anyone into the treatment room with you so that their energy feilds do not tamper with the treatment. (Taken from the NAET site) It was not that the topic was raised, but that the topic became the focus of the thread that lead to my asking for those topics to be let lie so that other ideas might have the chance to be brought forth. Blessed Be,Peny
    penybobeny 17 Replies
    • August 20, 2007
    • 03:28 PM
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  • Dear peny, please forgive my fervor with the NAET/Bioset information. It is just that I was so sick for so long and the only "real" help I found was right here in this forum. Eatafruit recommended it and I tried it. I am now symptoms free and am hoping that my info helps others.Just like you, I was sick and looking for my answers. I found them. Now, I am just trying to help others. I have helped alot of people with my info. I am so sorry you are not one of them.Just for the record, I do not get paid for "endorsing" any of it. I am just living proof that it works.So sorry to have upset you, helping was my only intention.Best of luck and may you find the answers you seek.Blessed Be and Merry meet!!Sincerely,mommy cat
    mommy cat 1654 Replies
    • August 22, 2007
    • 04:41 PM
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