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recurrent episodic all-over body pain

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  • Posted By: shanakay16
  • June 18, 2007
  • 07:32 PM

The 1st time I remember getting these symptoms was when I was perhaps 23 years old (I am now 57). The 1st few episodes were mild & didn't last long, maybe a few hours at the most. Over the years, the severity & duration have increased, although I've gone for as long as 5 years w/o an episode. The symptoms & progression are long & involved (& invariably the same), so please bear w/ me.
The 1st symptom I notice is scalp sensitivity, eventually feeling as if I'm tearing my hair out by the roots when I brush it. A sensitivity underneath & behind the armpits follows (lymphatic?), then across the lower back, then extending across the abdomen. Then I get a knotted, tightened feeling in the back of my neck, as if there were a cord in there that someone was twisting constantly. Then, my head starts to pound, especially when I move it from side to side or bend over (when I move my head from one side to the other, there's a sort of slow-motion stop-frame movement that catches up to me when I stop), & every square inch of my skin (or cubic inch of my whole body) feels as if someone were scraping it crosswise w/ a razor blade. At this point, all these symptoms remain in full, painful force until the main part of the episode is over, which takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I have to wear close-fitting clothes, b/c the movement of fabric against my skin exacerbates the razor-blade feeling. Once I can get up & about again, the headache stays in a muted form & I'm absolutely exhausted & have no energy for another week or two. When I was younger & better able to cope (& the problem lasted for less than a week or so), I could work through it. Now, however, I find that it is just too debilitating - movement is an agony, non-movement is an agony, & the cumulative effect just knocks me out. I typically lose about 20 lbs. when I have one of these episodes - I don't have the energy to bring food to my mouth, & even if I did, I don't have the energy to swallow - but I wouldn't recommend it as an avenue to weight loss!!
I've seen many Dr.'s about this & been given many possible explanations, & the use of SSRI's has seemed to have a preventive effect, as I have not had an episode for almost 2 years (altho, as I mentioned earlier, I've gone 5 years w/o having one); but it would greatly ease my mind to know for a fact what causes these symptoms.
The most credible diagnoses have been: a reaction to aspartame, which I used a lot when it 1st came out, by a GP; migraines (I found the pages on this site about non-headache migraines interesting -I've been told I do get ocular migraines, which exhibit as shimmery, kaleidoscopic images that increase in size until they obscure all but peripheral vision, then gradually dissipate), by a neurologist, but I don't get any of the other effects; & an auto-immune disease, specifically fybromalgia, by a GP (hence the SSRI's).
Pain meds (I've tried Tylenol w/ codeine, hydrocodone, migraine-specific drugs, Neurontin - which I was taking for a pinched nerve, & at the time, I was leaning toward a neurological diagnosis - combinations of the those & others, but nothing even touches the pain (almost more like an ultra-heightened sensitivity), except...a combo of 2 extra-strength acetominophen & 2 ibuprofen, which just barely moves it to the back burner for about an hour.
Has anyone else out there experienced anything similar? &, if it is akin to fybromyalgia, would tricyclic antidepressants be a better (definitely cheaper!) choice than SSRI's for prevention of future attacks?
Looking fwd to hearing from someone!
P.S. I have also always had very poor balance & a very mild vertigo. Could this also be a factor?

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  • When was the last time that you got vaccinated?Did you get the polio vaccine when you were little?What about the MMR?
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  • The last time I remember getting vaccinated was for tetanus when I went to college. I'm not sure about the MMR, but my folks were religious about that sort of thing, so I imagine I got them. I do remember getting the polio vaccine in elementary school - the old shot in the arm. Were you thinking a dose of one of the diseases or a recurring reaction to the vaccine?shanakay
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  • Dear, I am not a doctor, but my theory is that vaccines mess up our nervous system and immune/inflammatory responses. These violent and self immune responses get activated when we come in contact with viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.I am only 29 but all my life I have had strange patterns of unexplained conditions. My symptoms were also rare and happened after I felt like I had a cold- most of the times I did not have a fever.There is particular attention to the early Polio vaccines. They were tainted with viruses from Monkeys.You can read about vaccines on your own. So far it looks like we transfer those mutations and bugs to our children. And when they get vaccines, they become autistic.I guess we are all guinea pigs.So far, the only thing that helped me to reduce and control symptoms is NAET, naet.com - and lots of supplements. Lots of them!I twice felt like my entire skin was on fire- it was a burning pain- associated to Ibuprofen. Doctors thought I was mental. Whatever you do avoid taking antidepressants, if you are taking them, ask how to go about discontinuing the drug, as they work by supressing your immune system.Once your blood count goes down- and you catch a virus, you'll have no defenses.Best.
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  • Research Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and see that your symptoms fit. Then research info on vaccines related to CFS. There is TONS of information on this subject.Eatafruit knows her material. There has been a lot of research done here, behind the scenes.Be Well MC
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  • Wow, on the money, EataFruit! I forgot to mention in my original post that every time I got one of theses episodes, it was always preceded by a cold or sinus infection. This was the main reason I started researching the auto-immune diseases - it was like my body fought off the infection, then when the enemy was gone, my immune system had to find something else to fight. That said, I still don't fit the profile, since these conditions are considered chronic & mine disappears for years at a time. I intend to research these ideas you've mentioned anyway; maybe it'll lead to something. Thanks!shanakay
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