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Recurrent BV with NO treatments working!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 22, 2011
  • 06:57 PM

I am new to this forum, and while I have seen one posting after another that essentially all say the same thing, I wanted to post my own, partially to just get it all off my chest, but also in the hopes that someone out there has the same problems I do and can offer support and hopefully advice.
So I've had recurrent BV for about 2 years now. Honestly, I could stand the discharge and the occasional other discomfort, but what's killing me is the smell. Not only does it bother me, but I know that it is noticeable to everyone that stands reasonably close to me. This is obviously an embarassing factor when I'm in puclic, especially at work, because I have a management postition so am in constant close contact with my staff. But most importantly and worst of all is that my fiance can smell it. FYI he was born with a overly heightened super-sensitive sense of smell. He can detect scents like some kind of superhero, which I used to find charming. NOW however, its obviosuly not so wonderful. Oddly enough, I developed the BV soon after we met and became a intimate. Back then it wasnt too terrible (the smell) and only really obvious when we were intimate. However, its now so bad that we can longer have sex. Strong foul odors of ANY kind make him gag and throw up, so whenever we try to have sex we can only get so far before he gets too overwhelmed and stops to go throw up, then take a shower to get the smell off of him, and has to leave the room completely for an hour or so until the smell dissipates. So now, we don't even try anymore.
In short, I am completely heartbroken and misierable, and its becoming more and more difficult for us both to maintain our relationship. We are deeply in love but this stupid problem is threatening to destroy our life together.
At first (being a man and knowing nothing about female "problems") he kept saying it must be something that I was doing wrong, like not showering or cleaning myself properly (OUCH, right?). I was able to go to a local free clinic and was told it was BV and was given the flagyyl pills which worked almost immediately...for about 2 weeks. I was also tested for all types of STD's, cancers, etc and anyother possible medical condition that may be causingit. While I do have endometriosis, so does every other woman in my famil and from what I understand this really isn't related. I kept going back to the doctor and she said maybe it was just a stubborn case, so we moved on to the metro gel. In short, over the past about year or so, I have tried EVERY SINGLE type of treatment I could find. At one point I had health insurance and went to a "real" OBGYN who told me this is going to be a lifelong problem and there was no way to cure it, and just told me to keep taking the metro gel inserts. I have tried all the other things like taking acidophillus, garlic, follic acid, vitamin B, eating (and inserting) yogurt (YES, it was the correct kind), cutting out sugary and fast-foods, alocohol...EVERYTHING, but nothing is working. It was also suggested that it may be something related to my guy, but he was thoroughly checked for all STD's, etc and we tried abstaininf from sex for a while, with absolutely no change in my condition. Both my fiance and I are at our witts ends. I know he loves me and is trying to be patient, but neither of us can live like this. How can you have a real relationship without being intimate? I'm terrified that he will eventually leave me, though he says he would never do that, but I feel like I just cant do this anymore and neither can he. I try to "satisfy" him in every other way possible, but I know that can only provide so much for him. And not having him touch me intimately in any way is literally breaking my heart. Also, this isn't just about sex because sex feels good. It's much more than that. Not being able to be close to the man I love, and vice versa, makes me feel like we're just roomates instead of the actual loving relationship we have. How can I expect ANYONE to want to marry me whe I'm this digusting?

I'm too ashamed to even tell my close friends and family about this because its so embarassing. If anyone out there even cares, or has any additional advice on how to fix this recurrent BV, I would REALLY appreciate talking to you. I have a very time-consuiming job and do not know how often I will be able to check and see if anyone posted back to this thread, but PLEASE feel free to contact me via email at Amazon830@yahoo.com (which btw is a relatively anonymous email I created just for this). I can't stand the pain, lonliness, sadness and utterly feeling of hopelesness. If you have any insight and possible addiotional remedies, or even words of support, it would be greatly appreciated.

For every other woman out there, I feel your pain and wish us ALL the best and hope that somone finds a cure, or at least emotional comfort. Most doctors seems to treat this as a MINOR problem and I think unless you actually have it, no one else really understand how life-alterating and depresseing recurrent BV can truly be. I look forward to hearing from anyone and wish everyone else the best of luck. Thanks for letting me vent!

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