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Reaccuring Sinusitis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2008
  • 05:14 PM

I have suffered with reaccuring sinusitis for many many years now. Well I think it is sinusitis, but no-one is too sure. I have done the antibiotic (Levaquin and steroids route. Last year on anti-biotic every single month. Feel better for a week or so after taking the antibiotic and then the whole infection comes back again. Now getting sick every month with some kind of infection. I have had multible CTscans, MRI's, sinus x-ray all normal. I am sick all the time with cold like symptoms, lethargic, neck stiffness, head cold symptoms, sinus pain, nasal congesion and alot of frontal sinus forehead pain. When it starts, usally in a deep deep sleep, can't even hear alarm clock. I have depleted all my sick leave at work. Last year lost 110 hours sick leave. Will soon have to quit job. Cannot get well. 2008 New Years resolution - no more anti-biotics. Have started Colostrum, pre-biotics program. This week hope to start pro-biotics. But still getting sick. Have depleted medical doctors, ENT's, allergist and gastro doctors and no help. I have high cholestrol, HDL is high, hypertension and IBS. I catch every single infection that is in the air, at my office, shopping at stores or where-ever. I catch every infection that I come in contact from my family. Please help. I am extremely depressed from all the illnesses.

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  • You are completely immunocompromised due to the repeated antibiotic use! A good probiotic is helpful, but not enough to get you back on track. Time to try NAET...Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques. This treatment can help get to the source of your sinusitis. It is very effective. I too was getting every illness and having chronic problems, and NAET has helped me tremendously! www.naet.com Also, get yourself back on track with a candida cleanse. Up to 80% of chronic sinusitis is caused by FUNGUS, with secondary bacterial infections. Antibiotics will usually make matters worse, as they cause MORE overgrowth of fungus! The best cleanse out there is Threelac IMO ( I have taken this and it works, not a "rep"). Take this for two months at the least. It should also help your IBS symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE WESTERN ANTIFUNGAL MEDS FOR CANDIDA - THEY ARE TOXIC. Take a good quality digestive enzyme with protease, amylase, lipase and others - this will help your digestion and IBS symptoms. I suffered from chronic sinusitis for the past three years. This past year I had only one bout, and was able to clear it up using Chinese herbs and wild Oregano Oil and osha/goldenseal root. IME, herbal remedies, especially oregano oil, osha, goldenseal, and colloidal silver, are more effective than antibiotics. Also look into essential oils of eucalyptus, ravensara, rosemary, fir, clove, and cinnamon - you can make a compress and this is very soothing for sinusitis. At the first sign of congestion, take 1200 mg of MUCINEX twice a day. DON"T take a decongestant as this traps mucus in your sinus passages. Mucinex is the best OTC remedy out there and very safe to use. I would be careful of colostrum - if you aren't feeling better on this product then you may have a strong dairy intolerance. This can contribute to chronic sinusitis. Dairy, cheese, citrus are all culprits and generate dampness and phlegm in the body. NAET can help by clearing you of this allergy. I have been there and know how you feel...please be patient, and try my suggestions. Getting off the antibiotics is hard as your body is used to them...but your health depends on stopping the antibiotic rollercoaster! The herbs mentioned above have great antiviral/antibiotic properties and are a safer choice IMO. Best wishesDOM
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