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  • Posted By: PinkPrism009
  • June 15, 2009
  • 06:43 PM

If there are any doctors who want to research this I would appreciate it.
I had dental implants put into my jaw in 2004. My husband is a dentist
but did not do the implants. At 4 am on May 28, I woke up in severe pain.
It felt like it was in the jaw in the front where my implants are. My husband put me on some Cephalexin we had left over from something. I ran out of it that Saturday and I got worse. I developed a really nasty
mouth ulcer under my tongue that covered the whole floor of the mouth.
By Sunday evening my husband noticed some thorasic swelling on the outside so decided to take off and take me to an oral surgeon the next day, Monday, June 1. By then I was starting to break out on my forehead with a red rash. The oral surgeon looked at the ulcer and said he was sure is was not a dental issue but a skin issue. He called his dermatologist and asked if he could work me in so I went right over to his office. My husband explained he was a dentist and I had an alpohus (sp) ulcer. I told him I had a lot of pain in my jaw where my implants were and I had a strange sinus infection over the weekend where my nose was like a facet and the end of my nose itched uncontrollably. He examined the ulcer and said he needed to think about the problem. He came back and said what I had was rare and he had never seen it and was something they just study about in medical school but he didn't know what it was and whether the disease was viral or bacterial. So he treated me for both. He gave me 3 days of Valtrex, gave me an Erythromycin rinse for the ulcer and Clindamycin tabs. I took these for about 10 days and the symptoms kept getting different. However, the extreme pain went away after about 4 days where my implants are. I have a low grade fever of 99 degrees and a headache in the middle of my forehead. Also I have a swelling on the right side of my throat near the collarbone. For about 2 days my elbows were so sore it woke me up when I slept. Since, I have broken out all over my body with red bumps but they seem to be getting better. Yesterday I developed another mouth ulcer, this time in the top of my mouth from the back molar to the center of my mouth where the gum meets the cheek. I have been taking Fioricet and Tylenol for the headache and fever. The dermatologist told my husband last week that if I am still not well by today, to go to another doctor because he didn't know what was wrong. Nobody has taken any blood or tested me for cancer which I think should have been done. Since I have been on antibiotics, I guess a culture is out. I have been off antibiotics completely since Friday. I don't have any energy, my eyeballs "look sick" and I generally feel unwell. Please help diagnose what is wrong with me because I don't know what kind of doctor to go to now, 19 days after the original symptoms, and if they can even help. I realize this is going to take some research and be a challenge for a lot of doctors but I watch "Mystery Diagnosis" on the Health Channel on TV and there are some really smart doctors who know how to diagnose rare diseases.

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