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Rapid heart beats

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  • Posted By: hannah1260
  • May 29, 2007
  • 01:21 AM

I started having heart palpatations when I was in college. Just a couple of abnormal beats that were very noticeable and then they were gone. When I was pregnant with my son (second pregnancy, 29 years old, and I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy) about 7 months along I had taken an afternoon nap and woke up with my heart racing and I was sweating and I also had some shortness of breath. Scared the living daylights out of me. I don't remember dreaming or anything. I just woke up that way. I remembered how to lower my heart rate from a class I took in college and bore down like I was having a bowel movement and it worked. My heart rate went back to normal. This occurred on and off for a few years and always stopped with the same manuever. My heart only started racing when I was relaxed. Never when I was exercising or working. When I was around 33 yrs old and had health insurance my family doctor sent me to a cardiologist. I had a stress test, a halter monitor, and an echo done. Everything came back normal and the Dr. said to stop drinking caffene which I wasn't at the time and still don't. He didn't seem to be terribly concerned. After this I changed jobs and lost my insurance. I took niproxium sodium at high doses for a while for excessive period bleeding. During this time I had 2 very intense episodes that I had a very hard time getting to stop no matter what I did. Pray was the only thing that worked those times. Since niproxium sodium is a generic for Aleve I stopped taking it. Things seemed to get back to normal. I still had episodes but I could get them to stop. I had an episode on the way to work and the veterinarian checked my heart and said it sounded normal but was 200 beats per min. and I was just standing still. Earlier this year I had a scary episode in which I woke up during the early morning and for about 1 1/2 hours couldn't get it to stop racing. So I went to a free clinic and they did a ekg and an echo again. All came back normal again. I do know that there is a genetic corrilation as 2 of my brothers have the same thing but their's is pretty mild. One of my brothers even went to the same cardio Dr. and he said he was fine too. I'm not to satisfied with this cardio Dr. but as I have no insurance I can't change drs. Does anyone know of any genetic heart problems that would cause signs like these? I don't know what to do.

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  • It sounds like atrial defibrillation.You really need to have it evaluated especially at 200 beats per minute.I have the same illness.Mine is congenital. Iam on coumadin and cardizem which do control the palpitations,however,you have to deal with the side effects of these medications.
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  • I would ask your dr. to check your anti-bodies.ANA-Titers.And check your thyroid function.Its just bloodwork.But you might have a thyroid disorder that you do get heart palpatations from.And after your bloodwork you can go from there. It may not be your heart at all thats causing the problems. I get heart palpatations as well and its due to my thyroid. Good Luck & God Bless , Dawn
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