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Qui Tam Statue

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  • Posted By: kimberkc
  • April 28, 2010
  • 11:35 PM

Pursuit of a possible "Qui Tam Statue" claim, if your interested in a Government Fraud case, Does anyone have any advice for me or possible representation?

I spent most of last week searching for legal representation for what I believe falls under the "Qui Tam Statue". You must understand that as bad as the accident was, and as bad as that shook me up, the story got even worse that evening when I found myself in the hospital from ***l.

Because I am a single mom, (recently divorced) my son and I receive Medi-cal from the state. The night in the ER, all though my sis and I first were not going to go to the hospital, the fireman convinced us to at least go for an assessment. All was good, vitals, we had both been up and moving, nothing to be alarmed about.

My sis has insurance through her hubby, and I of course had my Medi-cal card, we both had minor aches in but no pain in our backs, necks, hips, shoulders, neither of hit our head or had ringing in our ears. The only difference was she had belly pain and I had chest pain.

And than this is where, the nightmare began as we arrived at the rear of the hospital. Either one of two things occurred or possibly even both of them. Who knows I will let you figure that out. 1st either I was highly discriminated against for being a Medi-cal recipient or 2nd someone among the independent physicians, and the physician in charge of my me is committing fraud against the government.

I never was seen by any doctor that evening, I was left taped to a backboard with a neck brace that was way to big for 6.5 hours. No one assessed my injuries before whisking away with the 1st hour of arriving, to have 2 X-rays for my left and right hand, and than down the hallway to have a CT scan of my upper body, only one CT was performed (CT with contrast).

I than was left in the hallway, only complaints that I had were when I first arrived I was very cold because I was left with one of the fireman in the ambulance for probably close to 25 -35 mins. Even the fireman was becoming inpatient because the other paramedics were outside the doors of the hospital chit chatting with nurses and other hospital staff.

I also upon arrival informed staff that was checking me in that I really had to use the restroom, they ignored me. The person whom I think was my nurse told me that my doctor (whom I had not even seen) had ordered tests, and until those tests were completed and assessed, I was not allowed to remove the neck brace or get up from the backboard. I at the time did not caught on. I again voiced my need to use the restroom and that I was very very very cold. No one, cared my bf and daughter had to walk the hallways of the hospital to find blankets for me, and I was forced to go to the bathroom in pants. When I suggested that someone assist my nurse and help me use the bathroom with a bed pan, or insert a catheter. The nurse simply stated she could not do anything til the test were done.

Meanwhile, my sister whom was let out of the ambulance first and only had about 25 min. head start on her treatment, already was in er semi private room, the er doctor had already seen her and assessed her injuries, discussed diagnostic tests that he felt needed to be done to further determine her injuries and she was in a hospital gown OFF THE BACK BOARD and sitting up.

I on the other hand, never seen a doctor, was given meds that almost choked me to death, that I never asked for and had to fight the nurse again when about 2 hours later said I needed more pain meds. When in fact the only discomfort I was feeling was from the back board and neck brace that kept sliding down and choking me. No one cared. Finally at 1:10 a discharge employee ask that I sign consent to treat, than another nurse came up untapped me told me to sit up and wait, she would be right back.

3 days after getting home, I receive medical bills started arriving in my mail box, bills that state diagnostic treatment never preformed, never consented to, and quite possibly never ordered. AND my Medi-cal was denied, so they have me down as cash payment patient.

The administrative staff member new that my insurance was denied why did not anyone tell me. I would have never allowed any treatment diagnostic or otherwise without seeing and discussing with a doctor why he felt I needed anything but a chest Xray and one left hand x-ray.

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