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  • Posted By: winston
  • April 8, 2010
  • 04:47 PM

Hi Freddd & Soycoffee, I am living again thanks to both of you. It has been 4 months since my fourth try of the B12 protocol. I was lucky the first time I started the protocol the start-up was not dramatic, the mb12 gave me the most reaction, lots of anxiety, sometimes it would last half a day, felt like a tiger in a gage pacing for hours. After one month on the treatment it was time for my body to heal and it hit me hard in fact it scared me and I quit it all. But 3 days off the protocol felt even worse and tremors were added to my list of symptoms so I decided to try again but there was no honeymoon and another new symptom - severe nausea. As hard as I could to take it I failed again. I failed 3 more times in trying to stay on the protocol. I gave up but another symptom appeared "shaky leg syndrome" upon getting up in the morning. So now I was worse off than before - shaky leg syndrome, tremors, and nausea with all the other symptoms.

I made a desperate plea for help, I was sure my body wanted these active B12's but how to tolerate the start up. Soycoffee you answered my plea and designed a sloooow titration start up with dramamine for the nausea and take Xanax as needed for shaky leg and tremors. It was grueling but tolerable. I was couchridden for 9 weeks barely functioning. During the ninth week I upped my B-right from once a day to twice and was able to get off the couch. 2 days better, 3 days bad, 5 days better 2 days bad that was how the life was coming back to my body.

Three months into the protocol the nausea stopped, what a relief to want to eat again. The shaky leg and tremors were gradually milder and at 3 1/2 months into the treatment they had vanished, anxiety and depression were no longer a problem, though I am still on low dose of Effexor which I will continue. Crushing fatigue is gone, brain fog is slowing clearing, energy is improving but I do tire easily. The tiredness comes and goes throughout the day. I did come down with a sinus infection this last two weeks which required antibiotics so I am just now feeling better. OK this is where I am in the B12 protocol:

Vit A. can't take due to a rash reaction
Vit C
Vit D
Vit E
Omega 3 flaxseed
i-flora probiotic

1 adb12
3 mb12
1 metafolin
2 B-Right

Right now I am on a plateau and able to function and I know it is time to fine tune this treatment with critical cofactors such as L-carnitine fumarate and alpha lipoic. TMG and Sam-e I am a little reluctant in trying them, I thought you should not take if you are on an antidepressant.

I would like more energy but at this time I don't have the luxury of going back to the couch all day with start up symptoms. My daughter is having her second child (C-section) in San Diego, 5 hours away and needs my help.
I don't want to disrupt the progress I have made, not back to normal "whatever that is" but am very grateful for how far I have come. Three months ago I sadly told my daughter I could not help her. We are both so happy I will be able to make the trip and be useful, it has been a long time since I have been able to contribute or be useful.

During this whole journey I needed to protect myself from anyone who said - you are crazy to get advice from someone on the internet. No one understood what I have been through. Nine years of searching and trying over 34 different treatments with all the same outcome. Even my psychologist who was great finally displayed his disapproval of the B12 and since then I did not want to talk to him. I did not want him to take my HOPE away from me. HOPE is all I had left. It was time for me to focus on this treatment with no outside interference.

Freddd, when I am finished with grandmothering I will need help again to fine tune this protocol. Thank you for being here for me.


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