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Privet Nightmare

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 26, 2011
  • 10:10 PM

About 3 years ago I came back from a family trip to turkey. I have spent 10 days over there which the first and last night was in the city and the rest was upland and around the beaches.
I have returned home and started and started again school. Every thing was normal until one night about a month from the day we got back my privet started to sting when I urinated and I felt a tingling feeling after I lay down in bed.
I didn’t think much of it. But in the morning I still had that tingling feeling and burning stinging feeling when I used myself.
Thinking it is nothing to be concern about and was shay to tell my mother I ignored it but few hours later it became worst and worst and the uncomfortable feeling started to hurt me and in the middle of class I suddenly had a sharp pain I went to the bathroom and at the time I got to the toilet I was in so much pain I had tears in my eyes. The pain was coming from the inside my privet and reaching all the way up to the prepuce the testes and even the lower spin.
I felt that something is moving and scratching me in there. I called my mother crying and explaining here what I am feeling she came to get me and we left to the ER
I will not explain much but just give a few details for what happened next because what I went trough that full day will hunt me for the rest of my life, in some point the doctor had inserted into my penis a long metallic stick to collect samples from in there and I most say that I have broken my leg in 3 places and the pain does not even comes close to the thick, sharp long pain that made me feel. I felt that I am going to die I felt lightheaded and I did truly fainted.
I have spent the next night in the hospital and in morning waking up after taking strong pain killers the pain was no longer there but uncomfortable feeling .we where waiting for the resolute of what the doctor suspected is happening to me. After all that nightmare I went trough the doctor came back and said that its not what he was thinking and does not see anything wrong but it may be a allergic reaction from something I have eaten or touch.
The next following days I had uncomfortable feeling down there and in other times pain but not as strong as that day.
I tried to ignore it but after 2 weeks I went back to see a deferent doctor I told her my problem and was so afraid she will have me tested the same way like I had in the hospital.
She told me that it is an infection and give me antibiotics and Advil for the pain for 10 day period. But the feeling did not go away even after the 10 days ,after that I already started to get use to the uncomfortable feeling but was always afraid that the pain will come back which in some cases it came but not as strong as it was in that day at school.
I was looking online and were reading about my symptoms and got really sacred from what I was reading cancer, infection even fungus so I went back to my mother and told her that the pain never left.
I went back to the doctor and had a series of blood test on me and I had other body exams ( not like that painful one) but even with all the test results it has shown that nothing is wrong or out of order .
From that point I had just living trough it and experimenting deferent ways to treat the pain but when the pain is getting worst I just got used to carry pain killers with me especially at night.
2 years have past ever it started. And one day my parents friends came for a family dinner and the thy have talked about a therapy their kid when trough and that doctor is amazing and the lady was telling us stories and praising this doctor like he was a god, working on a HIV program in Africa and other bizarre out of the ordinary stories about that doctor. He apparently was in New York but she told us that it is better to talk to him and explain the situation and see if he can help. My mother bought the stories and called him. He asked for her to send the old lab results along with other information and arranged for me to have a talk section with him to explain what I am feeling and if he can help or if I will need to make a trip to New York to see him.
2 days later I have had a long conversation with him and explained everything about the pain about myself and the time it started and just before he asked me bout the trip to turkey and asked me if I was in dusty place or in a lake I told him I have been in a lake and in some points in dusty places.
He told me he may know what is casing the pain and asked to talk to my mother.
He told her he thinks that It is a little parasite that lives dust and dirty places around the middle east which is very rear that comes in contact with humans but in rare cases it does happen he explained that ill need to have to eat fresh garlic twice a day for a week and it will go away.
If the pain does not go in a week to come for testing and he will proscribe medication for me.
I had eaten garlic like he said for 2 days and like magic the feeling along with any pain has just dissolved ever since that day I had no pain or any uncomfortable feeling.

I went trough ***l for over 2 years and trough one of the worst or the worst days of my life in the hospital. all that time something simple like garlic just had it core.

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