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Possible diagnosis but no treatment

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  • Posted By: Saramine
  • December 29, 2006
  • 07:55 PM

Long story short. I am 24 with Asthma that I understand and have no problems with. Last month I spent 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia. Got better was home for 2 weeks. Had my Wisdom teeth removed which had been infected for 2 years. Same day had to go to the ER for difficulty breathing and Stabbing chest pains. TGold I had pneumonia again had a ct scan of my chest. Next day a pulmonoligust called to schedual and appt. for a week after the er trip. Which Is where we are as of yesterday. He walked in to the room I was in and said he wanted to do a broncoscopy the next day. That was his 1st words to me. I asked why and he refused to give me reason just that it needed to be done. But with my asthma and a history of not keeping O2 stats up while under even with 02 therapy I don't feel that he is considering risks or even getting to know his patient at all. A hello how are yopu feeling today might have helped. But to just walk in a room with a paient you have never met and say that kinda bothers me I have never refused a test in my life I am always coopertive but an invasive procedure with no explanation is not going to happen. So now I am collecting sputum to culture which is fine. But the the problem is I have been having stabbing chest pains for over a week which I told him yesterday about as I was having them in his office. My PR is between 100-122 resting right now. ANd my Bp is 117/85. My temp hasn't been above 97 all day. I have taken tha with 2 different thermomiters And was only 96 in DR's office yeaterday. Which is low for me. But I also have bad neck pain I can hardly move it and has been getting worse for a few days and today its also in my back and shoulders and lower back. My knee joints have been hurting to and know its difficult for me to bend down. And now my heart starts racing for now reason with a increase in pain and my wisdom teeth which were removed a week a half ago are painful across the bottom of my chin, neck, throat area. With a bad headache that is not responding to advil. I have a high pain tolerence but this has all got to be related because it is all getting worse and has been lasting for a few days. But I just keep getting blown off. As possible pneumonia again but I have no breathing problems. MY lungs are silent which is odd in itself. But I feel so wrong right now. But no doctor cares. Accept to say I have possibile tb. WHich does fit some of these symptoms. Its like my brain is not working right. But nothing I can pinpoint. ANd I don'r want to get to the doctor just to be sent home on steroid or antidepressents. Though at this moment in time I would not argue with pain pills. But why do they just keep blowing me off. This is not normal I am 24. You can't just keep saying it's pneumonia. And steriods and antibiotics are not a great idea to just give people. I can't expaliain it to drs. That the pain feels different from a back strain or tension same with my headache. I have had chest wall pain before and this is different. And if TB if the cause of all this then its active and why are they leaving me at home and letting me infect people. I am afraid to leave my house because I don't want to infect anyone. But the won't even treat me until the get a positive result and that will be at least a week from now.

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  • I would ask the to do a blood culture for sepsis(infection in the blood). Since you had infected wisdom teeth and a procedure done on them, the infection could have traveled into your blood stream. Sepsis is extremely dangerous and must be addressed immediately!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 30, 2006
    • 08:35 PM
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  • I feel it may be connected too. Your mouth and heart have a connection through blood passages and if you had a long-standing infection in your mouth, it very may well have traveled to the heart. Your joints and the areas that you mentioned would show signs of stress from this infection. Go back and demand tests that check for sepsis and don't take no for an answer!!! My collegue had an infection in her mouth which caused tooth and gum decay- it led to MERSA- a severe form of STAPH caused by the infection in her mouth that went thru her blood system. She ended up at the ER after her DR. had treated her for "cold and flu" symptoms that should go away in a few days i.e. body aches and pain. This progressed quickly into joint pain, neck pain and finally CHEST PAIN (sound familiar?)! They had to insert a tube thru her armpit into her HEART to give her the necessary antibiotics to fight this infection. She had to keep this "shunt" in for several weeks. This made working almost impossible and taking care of a family- torture. She is still at risk for subsequent infections as there is NO GUARANTEE THEY GOT IT ALL. Not to mention,side effects like yeast infections, UTI's- she still has to take a lot of acidopholus, vitamins, etc. to reverse the side effects of such strong ANTIBIOTICS. Unfortunatley, they were necessary because her infection had gone too long undetected and MERSA can KILL you. So please- stay on top of your blood tests. Test for STREP, STAPH, LYME DISEASE- whatever it takes. Start taking acidopholus now so you are putting back in GOOD, NECESSARY BACTERIA YOUR BODY NEEDS TO COUNTER BALANCE ANY STRONG ANTIBIOTICS (chemotherapeutics) you may have to take. BEST wishes and prayers~Namaste';)
    1111healer 106 Replies
    • December 30, 2006
    • 10:31 PM
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