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Please Help,so Very Frustrated!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 9, 2007
  • 05:12 AM

At the end of 2005,I started to feel like there was a lump in my throat,I swallowed constantly as it was always there.I went to my doctor and he put me on Nexium.It didn't help like it always had in the past.The lump was still there.

In June or July of 2006,I started to get a tightness in the left side of my throat.It felt like a hot rope around my neck that was trying to strangle me.It would come and go.I also around this time started to feel very tired and my legs would get weak.Again,I went to the doctor and he upped my blood pressure medicine.It didn't help.

I then went to a gastoinologist and he did both scopes.He said I had some inflammation and a few patches of gastrtis.He upped my Nexium to two a day.It didn't help.

I then went to the dentist because I had a root canal that had never been finished and I thought it may be infected.It turned out to be infected along with four others around it.I was then given Amoxacillin for nine days.After this, I went back to the dentist and she said they had to be pulled because the infection would not go away until they came out.Two days after they were pulled there was a lot of pain.I went back and another dentist there told me that they were still very infected and gave me Clindamyacin.I took those but after a few days,my face,throat,arms and sometimes,legs would get burning sensations.I was out of town but came back and went back to the dentist after taking all the Clindamyacin.I also had had a lot of drainage being coughed up and a creamy filmy stuff in my gums.When it came out it would be hard and crumbly.This time when I went back for the third time,the dentist that had pulled the teeth said that there was no infection and that they were healing fine.

In the meantime while all of this was going on,I was feeling dizzy,my blood pressure would go up,the back of my neck would get tight and my arms and legs would get a numbness in them.

I went to the emergency room twice and they said it was a pinched nerve in the neck the first time.The second time they did a scan of my neck.It showed no clogged arteries but reacting lymph nodes.They said it was probably due to the teeth and would take time to settle down.

I then went to an ENT specialist.He did a scope up my nose into my throat.He said there was inflammation and a hemmorage on my vocal cord but it would heal,that it was probably due to a cough or yelling.He saw no cancer and told me to take aciphex once a day and two tums after a meal and before bed since the nexium wasn't helping at all.
The aciphex and tums helped the lump in the throat a little.

I still was feeling all of these strange sensations and now would wake up with my heart pounding.I went to a Cardiologist.He had me wear a heart moniter for 24 hours and then did a heart scan.Everything came out fine except for heart palpitations now and then.He said that wasn't any big deal.

I then went to another doctor who did blood work and said everything looked good except for a little low thyroid.He had wanted me to take anxiety medicine and I refused.I was becoming anxious from my symptoms now and then but that was not what was wrong with me.

I finally went to a thyroid doctor and was told that my thyroid was low and inflamed.He upped my thyroid medicine and told me that should work.He didn't feel the need for any tests.

I finally found another doctor in internal medicine.
Since then,I have been to an OBGYN,a Neurologist, a new thyroid doctor and back to the ENT doctor.
I have had blood work several times,2 EKG's,a thyroid ultrasound and a thyroid cat scan.

The internal medicine doctor thought it was a nerve somewhere,then the thyroid which went down to 12.55.The thyroid doctors says the thyroid is very low with inflammation.The ultrasound showed a nodule on each side of the thyroid which he said was not small but not big enough for need of a biopsy.He upped my thyroid medicine to 112 mgs.He also told me to go back to the ENT.The OBGYN said that I had a cycst on my left ovary and a fibroid tumor the size of a tennis ball in the uterus pressing on the bowel.She can't do surgery until the thyroid is under control.
The neurologist said that my nerves seemed good due to a nerve study and that he felt it was the thyroid.The ENT this time said the thyroid scan looked ok,not different from the ultra sound.He also did a throat culture which turned out to be normal.I also have gone back to my old gastroinologist and he done another scope to show only inflammation and a sliding hernia.He has me on acid medicine,Intestinal relaxing medicine,something to coat the stomach and a stool softener medicine.

I am not right back where I began and have made no progress at all.I am about ready to lose my mine,the burning sensations are unbearable at times and my legs ache most days now.I also get so hot at any exertion and my face turns red with a pounding headache.My throat burns also unbearably where the thyroid is.

If anyone has any advice or whatever at all,I would appreciate all the help I can get.

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  • I'm not surprised you feel terrible with all the various medication you've taken.I suggest you try an alternative. Acupuncture or homeopathy. Try to get all the drugs out of your system and trust that the body will heal itself.Of course you may not believe in anything alternative, but at this point, what have you got to lose? Nothing.Give it a try. Good luck and love.
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  • I too, have these symptoms. Now my whole neck feels inflammed and burns, I have abdominal discomfort and fast or irregular heart rate. At the center base of my throat, when I swallow I feel something there but not sure how to explain it. In March I changed docs, when last one kept giving antibiotics for a dry throat (not really sore), they never worked, I just chomped on ice all the time. The new doctor said I had a goiter and he checked my TSH levels. They were a little high but still in normal levels, which I guess means the thyroid isn't taking all of the T4 (hormone) and changing into the T3 (hormone)? So not sure if I'm over producing T4 or my thyroid problem is hypothryroidism. All he did is give me thyroid meds that are suppose to be natural at a low dose. But no significant change in symptoms except my hair looks better, still loose quite a bit though, always have. I have discontinued use to see if symptoms reside. No change.I started to feel pressure head aches (about a month ago) that really center around the nape of my neck, causing dizziness, went into a tightness or stiff neck feeling and now the whole neck just feels hot inflammed but pressure is kinda gone. It seems to get worse in heat, my face turns red and flush. Not sure about blood pressure. It is always ok but I always think the bottom # is too high. Had MRI of C-spine but not front of neck. It was ok. Did the whole dentist thing. Next, the ENT. Don't like meds much. Have been on thyroid meds and antibiotics. I'm 5'5 and weigh 160 lbs. I have gained some extra weight recently-mainly due to not feeling well enough to exercise. I just want to get to the bottom of this so I can fix it.
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