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Please help me on what to do....

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  • Posted By: bnb008
  • July 27, 2007
  • 09:54 PM

Hi....I've got a pretty long story, but plese read it and i would really appreciate ANY help.I am currently a 19 year old female, junior at Sam Houston State. September 2005 I went to my normal doctor for a very small spot right above my tailbone. About once every other month the spot would act like a pimple and pop. My doctor diagnosed me with a pylonidal cyst. He said I needed it removed IMMEDIATELY. Within a week i was in the operating room and had a surgery that that consisted of an incision that went from the cyst directly down the center of the butt crack down to the rectum. He put about 8 stitches to sew me back up and I thought it was all over. That was just the beginning. After he took the stitches out, within a week the incision would gooze a drainage and some blood. So in December 2005 I went back and he did a second operation in the EXACT same place along the same scar. This time he put dissolvable stitches on the inside and regular stitches on the outside and left them longer than before. I went back and got them removed when it was time, thinking surely this was it. But no, not even close. Again the "healing" incision would gooze drainage and blood. A new hole or tunnel developed along with a deep open wound. The surgeon had me get "packed" 7 days a week. That means i had to drive 20 minutes to town for a lady to shove a really long strip of gauze into the hole below my tailbone, which hurt everyday that they did it. I had to do this, attend high school and work. I missed basketball games, and had to quit my athletic life so this would heal. Well it didnt. By August 2006 I moved an hour and a half south of my home town to attend college and was switched to a new and more experienced surgeon in hopes of a miracle. I also had to find a wound care center in Huntsville to pack my wound everyday and on weekends. THat meant, no road trips or going out of town for more than a few hours. A third surgery was performed on me by this new doctor and he "re-excised" it and left it completely open to heal from the inside out. I had to buy really loose jogging pants to wear to class in order to prevent the seeing of all the bandages while this wound was suppose to be healing. After a week or so, the wound care center suggested putting me on the wound vac. THey told me how good it was and that I would be healed in no time. I wore this machine 24/7. It would make noises during classes and i would get funny looks and one teacher was not to happy with it. After 2 weeks they took it off and the wound had shrunk tremendously, but they still went back to packing it "the rest of the way". Healing would get close and then a tunnel wound form again under the skin. I always have to wear a pantiliner on the back of my underwear to keep blood and gooze from seeping through my clothes. It has been 1 year and 10 months since my first surgery of just removing a 2 cm wide painless cyst from my back. Since then I have had 6 surgeries and have to have my boyfriend back the wound everyday, because the wound care center shut down for some reason. There are definately more small details to the other surgeries and such, but there is no way i can tell them all unless i write a book. I am just wondering if there is any room for a malpractice case at hand, because of the surgeons cutting in this crevice of my body not knowing if they can fix what they broke or not. The surgeon I am with now, tells me everytime i go to him, that he jsut does not know what to do. Through all of these surgeries they have put me on so many antibiotics that i cant count on one hand. They have tried everything from numerouse surgeries, a machine, tons of creams, and even had my recent surgeon tape my buttcheeks together in hopes of that helping. THe wound is at a stand still and nobody knows waht to do. Isn't it wrong for there have been an incision cut down my buttcrack, just to avoid a big scar, that now becuase it is there, will not heal? Shouldn't he have cut in a different way? After 6 surgeries, I should have been healed after the first one. THere are numerous people that had pylonidal cysts alot bigger than mine and they got it removed and were healed in one surgery. Now i am in pain everyday and in worry everyday, that i am never going to heal and I am scared I am not going to be able to have kids naturally. I currently can't sit normally. I have to sit on the side of my buttcheek and on my hip. I cannot lay on my back whatsoever. THis has been this way for almost two years. I will turn 20 in September and I have not got to experience college life as I should because of this. I have cut out everything I was born to do. I no longer ride horse, run, play basketball, or swim. I graduate December 08. My college career, so far, consists of studying and doctors.My mom is currenty looking for a plastic surgeon, becasue that is what my general surgeon said to do. She has talked to one nurse and the nurse told her, since I have already had surgeries on my butt, that a plastic surgeon will not go over previous operation location. Please, if anybody has any advice, let me know. I would greatly appreciate it....anything will do..malpractice case? healing anwers? doctors that seen this before? anything Thanks so much for your time

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  • Well, you could have a malpractice, especially if your original "pimple that oozed" was herpes. Ask for a blood test for herpes 2 from another doctor. I imagine it would open up a pandora's box to have it cut out, if herpes and not cyst. Let me know. Of course, if you are a virgin, without no man's skin ever touching you, then you don't need the test. Laying naked can pass herpes because it sticks to wherever it touched, basically. And that same location will re-activate every few months or more frequently at first. If herpes, big lawsuit against all doctors. If cyst, sounds like a skin draft or something, like mom is getting for you. Sorry, but I think it will pass one day and you will feel better and reclaim your life.
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  • I meant skin graph.
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  • no it was definately not herpes...i was a virgin at the time...never even had a boyfriend at the time lol.....they were sure it was pylonidal cyst because the doctor said there was bad tissue that it was growing from....but i hope you are right on the skin graphing...thanks so much for your reply
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  • hi am not sure but it sounds like you may have HS ( hydradentise surpativa) you could google it , i have this disease and it is very painful and i have gotten pack and drained and surgery under my armpit. if you look at the movie part of HS at google you may see some one whose has this problem the same place you do. i am currently taking doxycycline to prevent these cyst from coming back. i am told i will suffer with this disease for the rest of my life, but dont worry when you have good days that a pain free, they are wonderful. if you find out this is what you may have i have a great doc....p.s. the spelling of HS may be wrong but play around with it until you get somthing. hope this helps.:)
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