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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 10, 2008
  • 08:37 PM

I am writing about my medical complaints due to unanswered questions about my health. I am a 24 year old slender female who has been experiencing medical problems for about 4 years. My symptoms started after a bad case of mono, but I am unsure if they are related. For the last four years, I have been experiencing many symptoms, a recent high histime, where I often times break out in hives, fatigue, sore kidneys, and bladder and bowel problems. I have also had kidney stones two times before the symptoms began, at age 18 and 20. I have bladder urgency, incontinence, and constipation. I wear up to 3 pads a day, and go to the bathroom, sometimes 30 times a day, and quite often in the night time. I have had my bladder system checked after going to a Urologist, using a MRI and Cat Scan, I have had an MRI of my brain due to migraines, and to test for diseases such as Multiple S. and all is fine. I have seen a Rhemetologist, and Endocrinologist and have many urine and blood tests. The only thing which came up was high cholesterol, and a slight higher calcium level. One discovery is that my muscles in my trunk, upper legs, abdomen, near my colon, buttox, and bladder, are extremely tight, and tender. I do have a history of having tight muscles, and have never been flexible. I am unsure if this has always been a problem for me which is now getting worse. I saw a physical therapist a year ago, and saw much improvement, after stopping therapy bladder symptoms came back full force. I recently started seeing a new physical therapist who has began working on loosening my tissues. She will begin doing internal work soon, and has noticed that when doing keegels I have limited muscle strength and have difficult relaxing my muscles after doing a keegal. I take a medicine called despromession at night which helps me use the bathroom less often, and use northocycline at night to relax my muscles and sleep better, which was provided by my Neurologist. If i do not take the despromession my kidneys stay very sore. I am currently finishing a school and am considering going to a Mayo Clinic after graduation. I have researched such muscle diseases at mytonic dystrophy, and my Rheumetologist had thrown out the term "renal tubular acidosis for consideration"...I just wish I knew why I was experiencing such problems.

I am concerned about my health and am getting tired of my unanswered questions and lack of sleep. The incontinence, and overactive bladder cannot last for much longer, or I may go crazy. I am here asking for help, suggestions, and possible answers to the symptoms for which I have stated. I hope someone out there can help me! Thanks.

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