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Please Can Anybody help me to get well.?? Tell me whats wrong with me.

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  • Posted By: honey1601
  • February 25, 2009
  • 07:40 PM

Please?? Could anybody help me, I am so fed up of feeling so awful.... I have always suffered with bowel problems since a young child... I remember I used to sit on the toilet crying so much, due to the pain.. I have been in hospital more times than I can count, I felt as if nobody believed me?? I had salmonella around 10yrs ago, im 39yrs old now... over time my condition has become increasingly worse, I have had a hysterectomy aged 22, due to me bleeding, for a year after my child was born....I then had gall bladder symptoms, eventually having it removed, I had a diseased gall bladder, however, stone passed through the bile duct, my drs believed it maybe lodged somewhere?..After the operation, I was plagued with chronic diarrohea, eerything I ate, flew thru me, sometimes not even getting to finish a slice of toast.. I did a food diary & realised that cows milk gives me a rash of raised rings, that go yellowish in the middle before going.
my gp said I had chronic urticaria?? during a bad bout I lost 2 stones in around 6wks?? yet im now going around in circles, I have a large anterial rectocele, it pushes out of my vagina, its very uncomfortable... I spend everyday at home now, as the symptoms are so bad.. I have thick pus like discharge, when i cant go to the loo?? alternating between watery forceful gushes of diarrohea.. I get really bad pain, im on huge ammounts of medication, opiates.. that dont help the constipation side ... My daughter has been diagnosed with Crohns disease, she had a colonosopy. When I had mine it would only go halfway around? it was excrutiating... I always get colicky pain, also a pulling pain around my navel area.... do you think i could have the same?? I recently have had shingles, also mouth ulcers recurring, with very itchy eyes, the left side worse!!! please can anyone offer some advice? my daughter seems to be following me in her symptoms, is a colonoscopy the only way to diagnose crohns disease?

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your health :(xxxIt must be hard just getting out of bed some days, I can very much relate to your frustration.Have you considered seeing a Herbalist, or Alternative treatments?If the doctors can't help try other methods and keep pushing until you're happy with the outcome. I hope you find the answers as life is not pleasant what so ever living like thisxxxSamantha http://www.undiagnosedillness.org
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 26, 2009
    • 00:58 AM
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  • :) Thank you for your reply, it does get me down some days?? its like my life & everyone around me, lives are passing us by!! I don't have many good day's... when all I want more than anything is to get my life back, with a normal day , doing things I used to do... I will definitely get there.... I have made a complaint to the community health council, who are dealing with my case... over the year's in & out of the same hospital, I have had some awful experiences, but tried to just be patient, wait & see when an appointment, follow up, would arrive, as me ringing constantly was getting me nowhere, Last week I decided to ring for an update, only to find, my consultant has left the hospital??? Im praying an appointment will arrive soon, to repair the large anterial rectocele, I have, as its getting worse & causing me alot of pain & discomfort. ty. :)...xx
    honey1601 1 Replies
    • February 26, 2009
    • 11:53 AM
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