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Pinworms.. HELP!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2007
  • 06:45 AM

I found out I had pinworms over a month ago, though there was no telling how long I had them before I found out. Anyway, the day I saw the worms I called my mom completely freaking out. I mean, who wouldn't if they saw a teeny, skinny WIGGLING white worm in their business? Gross, I know. Anyway, she's friends with a nurse and she called her and they figured out it was pinworms. I found pictures of them, and sure enough, that's what they were, plus my symptoms matched- itchy rectum, constipation and diarrea, etc. So, I got some of Reese's Pinworm Medication and took the dosage I was supposed to take. The symptoms got better. About 4 weeks later, I realized I was supposed to take the medicine again (in 2-3 weeks) to make sure infection was cleared up. So, I used some Pin-X to hopefully wipe them out. Well, now, a 2-3 weeks since taking the Pin-X, the symptoms are appearing again, and today I had the wonderful surprise of seeing yet another live worm. Ugh. Disgusting. I need help! Should I take more medicine? Should I just go see a doctor so maybe they can give me stronger meds? I've heard that epsom salt can rid you of intestinal worms, but I don't know. If you have any clue of what to do, PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm sick of the alternating constipation and diarrea, the itchy butt thing and most of all, ACTUALLY SEEING THE NASTY LITTLE THINGS IN YOUR BUSSINESS SQUIGGLING AROUND... ugh. It's literally all I can think about. Please, please, help. It really sucks.

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  • Eat green peppers.........that clears it up. I know from experience
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  • *eat a piece of raw garlick if you can if it is very strong boilit but nottoo much just enough to take out the sting but if you have problemwith your gallbladder before dont do this as I learned it the hard way I had a terribleattack of pain followingthis garlick thingy but it works forthe wormsat least temporarily
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  • How about going to see a physician? or just call the office, this is a common problem that they can probably prescribe over the phone. Please don't rely on drugstore medication. (Though the green peppers and garlic is probably a good idea to supplement medication.)Also, please don't have intercourse with anyone while you have the worms. The eggs can be transmitted to another person through intimate contact. Surprise, honey!Cicely1
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  • also, we get reinfested via eggs (microscopic) that may be all around us in our homes.On the day of treatment, wash all nightclothes and bedding in HOT water. Take out throw rugs, etc. if you want to be extra careful, too. Change out last night's underwear and nightclothes every morning (into dirty clothes, to wash) and treat carefully in the meantime. Wash hands frequently, wash toilet seat with vinegar spray or household cleanser. Run a Hepa filter and/or vacuum with an allergen Hepa filter if you have one.
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    • December 24, 2008
    • 04:49 AM
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  • I used to have them they are so annoying!!!1. See your doctor and he will give you something2.make sure your nails are always short so no bacteria gets into your nails.3.keep your hands out your mouth4. Wash your hands before and after doing the toilet and eating5. Make sure your toilet is clean before and after using the toilet6 have a shower every day in the morning and scrub your *******e without soap or body wash to get rid of any eggs that may be in your **m7. Clean your house alot and concentrate on personal heigineWorms mostly are itchy at night because there is eggs in your **m in the morning that's why you need a shower to take away the eggsAlso make sure people around you are not dirty and take a shower daily!!!!
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  • I used to have them they are so annoying!!!
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    • August 10, 2011
    • 07:59 AM
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