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Persistent Coughing

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 22, 2006
  • 06:04 AM

For years my son has experienced coughing fits early in the spring and in November. On schedule, he has been coughing continuously for about a week. He was at the family doctor who prescribed puffers and suggested that he has allergies. The puffers have been uneffective and he continues to cough all day and night. In fact, it is getting worse/progressive (from a dry cough that sounded as if it was in his throat to a deeper/wetter cough in his chest). He is spitting up greenish/yellowish flem sometimes accompanied by blood.

Does this sound like a viral cough or something that needs to be treated with antibiotics?

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  • This sounds like a cough variant asthma. I have this. INSIST that your family doctor send you to either an allergist or pulmonologist for a full workup. If your son is dealing with allergic cough (asthma) it is absolutely vital to remove as many of the allergens as possible. Your Family Practitioner is NOT qualified to assess the full situation. There is also the possibility of GERD - which can be induced by allergy as well.One word of caution, most ERs are incompetent in dealing with allergy and asthma and will not recognize cough-variant asthma.Good Luck!
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    • January 5, 2007
    • 05:43 PM
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  • timing does seem to suggest allergy here.fungal spoors are probably the best candidate for the november observation,possibly for the spring lot too.thera are fungi which disperse spoors that early but the main time is late autumn.you will have to become a fungus detective.agricultural composting is a big cause of these problems in the country,as is the neighbours compost heap in the suburbs.exposed soil is always a problem,because it is always composting,especially on warm wet autumn nights.in town large rubbish dumps and landfill sites dothe job,and in the case of these wind direction can be most influential.even when landfill sites have been long closed and built over,they can remain problematic.sewers too make their contribution.the worst thing for my wife is the farmer who ploughs crop greens in to make a top mulch.composting is rotting of course and the rotting agent is fungus.again in my wifes case her problem started when we were living in a house with dry rot(more fungi) .the spoors are infinitessimally tiny,and wind borne,usually.yeasts are fungi too.is there a bakery,or brewery,in the area?washing macines can harbour fungal colonies as well. as i said you will have to become a detective.two other problems arise. one,once his lungs have become sensitised he will cough if he breathes anything other than clean air,and they may remain sensitised for uo to three months.two,if his nasal passages swell and close his sinuses they may infect and cause post nasal drip.this is in fact the mostcommon cause of chroniccough.
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    • January 6, 2007
    • 09:25 PM
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